How Well Do You Know Your Beading Skills? Take This Quiz To Find Out!



Creating your own personal jewelry is really fun and it can become an addictive hobby. There is something very special knowing that you get to wear something you designed and created from scratch.

When it comes to beading,the problem with some people is that they don’t know where to start or they get confused with the many different types beads like: seed beads, czech glass beads and many many more.

If you are one of those people, we recommend you take this quiz and see how well do you know your beading skills.

What type of jewelry interests you most?quiz

  • beaded jewelry
  • simple looks
  • personalized jewelry
  • jewelry made of leather, glass, clay or some other material
  1. Which of these skills is your best one?
  • opening and closing jump rings
  • forming simple wire loops
  • creating unique designs
  • all of the above
  1. Which are your favorite tools for beading projects?
  • wire cutters
  • pliers
  • metal stamps
  • scissors
  1. Which the following terms is unknown to you?
  • head pin
  • eye pin
  • 12-gauge wire thicker
  • 20-gauge wire thicker
  1. Which supplies do you work with most?
  • 4 mm beads
  • czech beads
  • wholesale seed beads
  • wood beads
  1. Where do you work on your beading projects?
  • I have a work space dedicated to my beading work.
  • I have random beading supplies everywhere my house.
  • There is one table in my room that is reserved only for beading projects
  • I have a place outside of my home bought especially for my beading projects
  1. Where do you find your inspiration?
  • Pinterest
  • blogs on beading
  • Crafts
  • Etsy
  1. Where did you learn how to bead?
  • I did it on my own.
  • I took a class.
  • I took classes with a personal instructor.
  • My mother, grandmother taught me.
  1. What’s the most annoying thing for you when it comes to beading?
  • Starting the projects.
  • Not having enough space for the work.
  • Not having enough time for dedicating to the beading.
  • failing and getting discouraged
  1. Do you like experimenting with new stuff?
  • Yes, the pieces that come up from experimenting are always the best ones
  • No, I don’t like trying new things, I always want to go with what I know best
  • Only when I work on projects that are just for me
  • I’ve tried, but I didn’t like the final result

Did these questions make you start thinking about what can you do to improve your beading skills? Were your answers as you expected or you realized there is always something new that should be learned? If you have spent a lot of time on just one type of work, and one type of skill, then maybe it’s time to try and learn some new technique and see how it goes from there. Good luck!

Roommate Should Know These Dos and Don’ts

do-dont-signSo, you’ve just changed cities, apartments, and roommates! Whether it’s a close friend or a house of strangers, living with roommates can be a tough adjustment. But with these tips, you can create a peaceful living situation, and might even end up with a new best friend!

First, be honest and up front in the beginning. Set ground rules, establish how chores will work, who will buy cleaning supplies, and so on. If everyone knows what the plan is from day one, you’re less likely to have issues later on. If you need to, write the rules down and put them somewhere visible, like on the fridge. Consider making a chore chart if things start getting out of hand, or if you just live with multiple roommates.

Create a system for solving problems to avoid passive aggressive behavior later on. Get to know your roommates and their habits and preferences. If they go to sleep early, be respectful and don’t have a bunch of people over at night. If they shower every morning at 8am, don’t turn on the faucet at 7:58.

Once you’ve figured out the logistics you need to decorate your space! Figure out what items each of you own, so you don’t end up with three couches and no TV. A great way to add some personality and to work on a project together is to make and hang a beaded curtain! This curtain can be used to separate rooms, or just hung on a wall for a fun accent piece. Buy some wholesale seed beads and Czech glass beads, plus a bunch of sturdy thread, and go crazy! You can make your beaded curtain in a pattern, or just a random assortment of beautiful beads. Try creating a color scheme to match the rest of your space.

It’s important to remember your new roommate is a person – a person you might enjoy spending time with! Set time aside to watch a movie, cook dinner together, go for a run, or just go out to eat. You don’t have to become best friends, but having a positive relationship will make living together that much easier. Doing things together informally on a semi-regular basis means you’ll be more likely to talk about household issues organically, rather than in awkward, forced chats.

Living with a roommate can be awesome, if you take the time to create a relationship and be up front with issues. Good luck and have fun!

8 Annoying Things That Happen Outside In The Sweltering Heat



When temperatures start to rise, we cheer up because that means long days, warm weather, beach trips and summer vacations. However, humidity and scorching that come together with this beautiful sunny and warm weather are not so glorious, when you think about it. There are million things we can list as things that do not really go so good with bronze tans, summer breezy clothes and summer feelings.

Here the 8 most annoying ones which none of us wants to deal with.

  1. When it comes to this extremely unpleasant body reaction to heat, we are all in it together. Ever faced upper-lip sweating? You know what we mean. But, let’s face it, there’s only a certain number of showers we can take during 1 day, so try carrying with you blotting paper, and paper tissue and never forget applying an antiperspirant.
  2. Carrying extra stuff with you. You have to pack your bag every time you get out of the door like you would pack a carry-on for a weekend away from the city. It’s hot, it’s sweaty and it’s sticky. You need all the help you can get from things that won’t let you look like a complete mess, even though you will feel really hot, and sweaty, and sunburned probably. So, you have to carry sunblock, sunglasses, blotting sheets, extra deodorant and many other heat-fighting essentials.
  3. Discolored jewelry. Heat gets your beaded jewelry easily discolored. And you get a stain on your wrist, or your neck, or fingers. It’s the worst feeling ever! So, before you go out and expose yourself on summer hotness, remember to protect your beaded jewelry by leaving it at home.
  4. Sweat stains. No matter what causes them, stains are a real struggle in the summer days. Besides stains from discolored jewelry, sweat stains (especially those in your armpit area) are extremely uncomfortable, too. How to fight them? There seems to be no other way, but avoiding the summer warmth.
  5. Ice-melting with the speed of sound. The ice in your iced coffee or tea melts immediately, which drives most people crazy. The solution – ask for an ice refill before your ice melts completely!
  6. If you don’t use sunscreens and expose yourself on Sun rays too much, you can easily damage your skin. It may seem fun getting that dreamy, sun-kissed tan, but trust us, no sunblock means greater risk of skin-damaging. If you don’t want to end up looking like you overslept in a tanning bed, use high factor sunscreen and avoid sun exposure for about 3-4 hours around noon!
  7. The ice cream truck noise. Yes, we love ice cream during summer, but if you think about the music that ice-cream trucks play while roaming through the city, we can all agree that most of the time, it’s pretty much just an annoying melody that we all hate (except kids, of course).
  8. Office air conditioning. It’s a great mystery how companies ‘love’ to spend big money on keeping offices unbearably cold during summer days. As much as we all hate it, there’s nothing we can do about it, except – bring an extra layer of clothes to survive the work day!


Not Too Bright: Are You Using the Wrong Light Bulb for That Lamp?



As any experienced beader knows, having proper lighting is extremely important. It is often, unfortunately, forgotten. You might think you have enough light to create your beading project, but after a few hours, your eyes can feel tired and you might develop a headache. You might spend money on having the best supplies, but you cheat yourself of the resources you need to use those supplies accurately and beautifully. That’s why you need to invest in the right magnifiers, lamps, and light bulbs to let your creativity shine.

For centuries, artists have had to rely on daylight to create their paintings, jewelry, or drawings. In the modern world, we have the luxury of creating art at any time of day! Or, our busy lifestyles mean we can only create jewelry late at night. Either way, relying on lamps can cause problems. Poor light can add to eye strain, overly harsh lighting can create painful glare and accurate color-matching is difficult without daylight.

Different colors and intensities of light affect the eye’s ability to stay on task. Proper neutral lighting offers greater accuracy when using color. Avoiding glare means avoiding damage to the powerful, yet delicate, retina. Using sufficient light means preventing squinting, as well as the eye strain and headache that can accompany it.

Proper lighting allows you to see the true colors of the seed beads and Czech beads. Some jewelers even go outside to use daylight to see their beads in their most natural forms. The wrong lighting can make what seems like a beautiful beaded project, a disaster when true lighting is revealed.

The best lamp to use with wholesale seed beads is one with a daylight setting. This provides proper light for your eyes to  work their best, and for you to see the colors in their most pure state. An adjustable lamp lets you eliminate glare, and focus on the areas you need to see most.

If you already have a lamp, make sure you have a very bright bulb. Even if you don’t have a daylight lamp, bright light will still help see the beads better. Try searching for a daylight light bulb you can install in your existing lamp!

If you work with seed beads, you might want to consider also purchasing a magnifier. There are many types, and you’ll have to try a few to determine what works best for your beading style. They can make it much easier to focus on the tiny seed beads.

You can order these online, or at your favorite craft store. Your eyes, and your jewelry, will thank you.

What Actually Happens When You Put Plastic in a Microwave

Have you ever accidentally put plastic beads in a microwave? It can be a very messy accident. Most plastic beads, like pony beads, do not like high heat. If one of these beads ends up in the microwave for too long, not only will you have ruined beads, but also a ruined microwave.

Plastic easily melts in high heat, especially the microwave. After just a few minutes, your plastic beads will turn to a flat puddle of plastic. The heat melts the beads, and then they all fuse together. Before you get sad, there are actually many crafts you can make by melting beads! You can create your own sun catcher or hanging mobile with just an oven, some plastic beads, and a pie tin or muffin tin. Here’s how you can do it.microwaveonfire

First, gather your beads and pans. You can also use some string and wire. The easiest way to start is to fill the bottom of each muffin tin with a variety of plastic pony beads. They can be in a design, like a star, a pattern, or just a random mix of colors. Either way, it will turn out beautiful. If you want to go a little bigger, you can also cover the bottom of a cake or pie tin. This can also be done with a set design, or just freestyle colors. Try stringing the beads on thread or wire and laying it in the pie tin for some artistic experimentation.

You could spend a whole afternoon trying out different designs and patterns for your beads. Once you’ve settled on a design, turn on your gas grill or your oven to high, or 400 degrees. Put the pan with the beads in the grill or oven, for 5 minutes in the grill or 20 minutes in the oven. During this time, the plastic beads will begin to melt and fuse together.

Once the time is up, take the pans out and wait for it to cool. You will see how the beads have melted into a flat pancake. Once your beaded creation has cooled, pop it out of the tin and it’s ready! Look at the beautiful design you have created, and try holding it up to the light to see the sun come through the colorful beads. You can do all kinds of things with these creations. Drill a hole in them, thread some ribbon through them, and hang on a porch for a beautiful suncatcher you can enjoy all year long. With the smaller muffin tin beads, you can drill a small hole in each, and hang them as a mobile for a child or baby.

While beads will melt in the microwave, you can actually create a thing of beauty with them! Try experimenting with this fun and easy craft.

6 Things To Do Before School Starts Again


School is going to be here before you know it, but there are still some things that can be accomplished! Get your family ready to go back to school with some fun crafts. These are great for the whole family to make together, or just the kids and their friends. Enjoy your last few days of quality time with these crafts!

Creating custom magnets for lockers or hanging up artwork on the fridge with fun bottle cap magnets! Collect bottle caps or ask neighbors for any extras lying around. Let your child decorate them with paint, stickers, and rhinestones. Then, use a hot glue gun to attach a small magnet to the back. Voila! A fun craft that easy for kids of all ages to make, and it’s low-cost!

Your kids will love bringing lunch from home with a fun tie-dye lunch bag! Purchase plain white lunch bags at a craft store or online. Then, start tie-dyeing! Make sure you do it in the back yard so there’s no mess. And use a machine-washable dye so you can throw the lunch bags in the wash after a spill.

DY keychains are easy to make – and fun too! A custom keychain lets your child show personality with their backpack or house keys. Decorate an existing keychain, or make one yourself. Keychains can be made with fabric, a favorite charm, or a plastic keychain.

Turn a plain schoolbag from drab to fab with rhinestones! Hot fix rhinestones can be used to customize any backpack or messenger bag into a one-of-a-kind piece of art! Purchase hot fix crystals or flat back rhinestones in your child’s favorite color, then get sparkling! Rhinestones can be attached freehand, or with a pattern. Use a hotfix tool to attach the pre-glued rhinestones, and you’ll have a beautiful new bag in just a few hours!

Do your kids love washi tape? Use their favorite designs to spruce up some plain pencils! Pick up decorative washi tape at a craft store or online, then a box of plain pencils. Wrap the tape around the pencils for a fun new writing tool your kids will love to show off! The tape comes in dozens of different colors and designs so any child can find a pattern they like.

Once you’ve decorated your pencil, create a pencil topper using a pipe cleaner! Wrap the pipe cleaner around the pencil, then move it to the top to create a spiraling topper! Attach a foam sticker, or glue a paper shape to the top for added fun.

Get your kids ready for school with any of these fun DIY projects.

I Thought This Lady’s Bikini Idea Was Insane. Now I Think She’s a Genius

Beading is my most favorite hobby. It has helped me express my creative side and I’ve done a pretty good job altering old pieces of clothing into unique fashion statements. I often participate in beading workshops, because I always learn something new there. We all get to share ideas for our projects there and we help each other to realize them.

In one of the recent workshops, there was a lady who shared with us her latest project. She had planned on decorating an old swimming suit with rhinestones and rhinestone connectors. Doing such a project by herself? Wow. At first I thought her idea was insane. And I was skeptical to be honest. But soon after I was proved wrong. At the last workshop she showed us her masterpiece. The lady was a genius! Her bikini was amazing and it inspired me to do the same with my swimming suit, even though I’m not an expert.

So if you’re crazy enough to make your own rhinestone bikini, here is what you’ll need to do:

First choose rhinestones and rhinestone connectors for bikini. Rhinestone connectors are strands of rhinestones which you can use on bikini tops and bottoms. You can choose from a variety of colors, sizes and crystals, depending on the design you’ve envisioned. We recommend buying wholesale rhinestones and connectors in order to save time and money.

Then decide on the design. The lady from the workshop had a simple old royal blue bikini. She had chosen to do a star shape on the triangle top and place rhinestone connectors on the sides of the bottom bikini.

beaded bikini

Once you’ve decided what design to make on the bikini top, print it out and lay the rhinestone crystals out on the pattern to see how many you need. Then put the top on a sewing mannequin and sketch out the design on it with chalk.

Now take tweezers in one the hand and glue in the other. Dip the rhinestones in the glue and apply them on the design. It is best to go from one cup to the other and lay one to three rhinestones to make sure they are placed in the exact same position on both cups.

Extra tip: use toothpicks to wipe out the glue around the rhinestones.

Once you’re finished with the bikini top, move on to the bottom. The lady’s bottom part was a strap bikini and she added the rhinestone bikini connectors to the straps. The idea was ingenious and it looked so cute. Here is how you can do the same: put the rhinestone connector all the way to the front strap and stitch it using a zig zag stitch of 3.0 width and 1.0 length. Then trim the excess strap off and sew it on the other side of the connector. Do the same with the other front strap. Alternations to the back strap won’t be necessary, they will still make a cute tie side bikini.

There you have it! Make sure this is your next project and transform your old bikini into a unique sparkling statement. Next time you go to the beach, no one will resist your gorgeous shiny bikini.

When Beading Jewelry Is Just A Starting Point

start beading

Crafting is a common activity for children, but some kids make like it more than others. If you have a child who loves crafting, support them! Crafts and beading is a great way to stimulate creativity and keep them busy with a positive, productive hobby. Kids can only benefit from these artistic pursuits, no matter what type! Beading is a particularly great option for kids of all ages and skill levels.

For young children, supplying them with yarn or pipe cleaners and large plastic or wood beads will improve their fine motor skills. Kids will love picking beads in their favorite colors and creating a bracelet or necklace! Beading is a safe, individual activity that does not require much supervision. It is not as messy as paint or glue, and can be cleaned up very quickly. Beading is a great activity for kids in a daycare or school setting, or just at home with a parent or sibling. Beads come in a variety of different colors and shapes, and kids have a great time making patterns and designs.  Small seed beads should not be given to kids under 6, as it can cause a choking hazard. Young children should focus on making simple strands of beads, but as they get older, they can create more complex pieces.


As kids get older and their fine motor skills improve, they have more options when it comes to beading. They can use Czech glass beads and seed beads to create delicate jewelry. Older kids and teens will love making jewelry to give as gifts or to wear themselves. Beading allows them to express their creativity and individual sense of style. They’ll feel a sense of accomplishment of making something themselves that’s as beautiful as jewelry found in a store!

Once children have mastered beading jewelry, they can turn to even more complicated beading projects. This can be embroidering clothing, creating appliques, beaded hairpieces, and more! Beads can even be used to embellish home décor items. Purchase a young beader a collection of wholesale seed beads and they’ll be content for days. This is a perfect activity for weekends or after school. As they improve their skills, they can even begin selling their beaded creations! Jewelry and other crafts can be sold online or at local craft fairs. Creating their own jewelry business will give a teen responsibility and a source of money! If you have a child who has expressed an interest in beading, consider yourself lucky.



Traveling in Your Vehicle CAN Be Comfortable!

drivingHave you ever been in the middle of a long commute, wishing your car was more comfortable and fashionable? You spend a lot of time in your car – you want it to match your personality! While you an buy some of these projects at a store, they often won’t have the colors and designs that fit you. There are many DIY projects that can be done in an afternoon to make the interior of your car more interesting and more functional. Try one or all of these crafts to decorate your vehicle!

Bedazzled Car Interior
Jazz up your radio and center console with some rhinestones! Using glue and Swarovski rhinestones in your favorite colors you can create any design you please. Rhinestones can be added to anywhere inside the car, including the rearview mirror, shift, and vanity mirror. Rhinestones add a little sparkle and personality to your car. And if one falls off, just glue another back on!

Steering Wheel Cover
For a more comfortable drive create a DIY cushioned steering wheel cover! These can be made of fabric, yarn, or just covered in fashion duct tape. If you’re not very confident in your crafting skills, you can purchase a premade steering wheel cover and customize it. These covers can also keep the wheel cool when under the direct sunlight. A custom steering wheel cover sets your car about and gives you a comfortable grip on long drives.

Back of Seat Organizer
Cars never seem to have enough storage. For families with kids, toys and snacks can end up all over the back seat. Make some quick back of seat organizers to keep everything in order. All you need is fabric in your favorite color or pattern and a sewing machine. You can choose fabric to match your car’s interior, or your kids’ favorite patterns or characters! There are many tutorials online to learn how to make a stylish and functional back seat organizer to keep your car clean and tidy.

Hanging Bead Chain
Place a favorite pendant or rosary on your rearview mirror! Make a beautiful linked bead chain to reflect the light and create a beautiful swinging effect while you drive. These beaded chains are quite simple to make once you purchase wire and glass beads. A necklace bead chain is an elegant way to personalize your car and make your ride more pleasant.

With these projects, it’s easy to make your car feel more comfortable – and like you!

These two Things are sure to make Your Elderly Parents Smile

eldery-smileAs any of us, elderly people want to connect to others, they want to feel included and appreciated. It’s a fact that we all lead busy lives and oftentimes forget how valuable time with aging parents is. But I’m sure you’ve thought what you can do to put a smile on their face and cheer them up. 

Aging parents oftentimes don’t need much or they want very little. So, if you consider giving them gifts, this can be challenging. But, here are two things you can do that will surely to make your elderly parents happy:

1. Visit them frequently! We often fail to realize how important visits are. Sometimes we think that a call will be enough to check on your parents, but time is actually the best gift you can give to your parents. When visiting, ask them to tell you about happy memories with the family, about how things were in the past and so on.

If distance and time are a problem, consider video calls in order to create a visible event. Today’s technology enables us to feel like we are with our loved ones even when we are far away.

2. Make them a special gift. For instance, a great way to make your parents feel they always have you by their side is to make them a unique beaded chain for their eyeglasses. It’s simple, but personal and useful.

Even if you’re not an expert in beading crafts, it’s really easy to make bead chain necklace for eyeglasses. First, choose the color and shape of beads you know your parent will love. With beads, you have a variety to choose from. You then need nylon cord or beading wire, two crimp bead, two eyeglass holders, scissors and flat nose pliers. Follow these quick steps to create a necklace bead chain that will be perfect for your parent’s eyeglasses:

– Cut the cord or beading wire to a comfortable length
– Add the eyeglass holder and the crimp bead: thread one end of the cord or wire through one of the crimp beads and the eyeglass holders. Then thread it back so it looks like a loop. Pull it so the holders and the crimp bead are adjoining. Use the pliers to close the bead.
– String on the beads: while stringing, leave some room for the second crimp bead and eyeglass holder.
– Add the other eyeglass holder and the bead: Follow the previous steps to secure to second crimp bead and eyeglass holder.

It’s simple as that! If you want the bead chain necklace to be that much more special, buy a gift box to put it in and write a small note for your parent to read. Once you have surprised them with this one-of-a-kind gift, you can help them slip the beaded chain onto their glasses.

You really don’t need much to put a smile on your parents’ faces. Spending time with them is the greatest gift, and taking the time to make them a small gift such as bead chain necklace for eyeglasses is the perfect way to show them how much you love them.