These two Things are sure to make Your Elderly Parents Smile

eldery-smileAs any of us, elderly people want to connect to others, they want to feel included and appreciated. It’s a fact that we all lead busy lives and oftentimes forget how valuable time with aging parents is. But I’m sure you’ve thought what you can do to put a smile on their face and cheer them up. 

Aging parents oftentimes don’t need much or they want very little. So, if you consider giving them gifts, this can be challenging. But, here are two things you can do that will surely to make your elderly parents happy:

1. Visit them frequently! We often fail to realize how important visits are. Sometimes we think that a call will be enough to check on your parents, but time is actually the best gift you can give to your parents. When visiting, ask them to tell you about happy memories with the family, about how things were in the past and so on.

If distance and time are a problem, consider video calls in order to create a visible event. Today’s technology enables us to feel like we are with our loved ones even when we are far away.

2. Make them a special gift. For instance, a great way to make your parents feel they always have you by their side is to make them a unique beaded chain for their eyeglasses. It’s simple, but personal and useful.

Even if you’re not an expert in beading crafts, it’s really easy to make bead chain necklace for eyeglasses. First, choose the color and shape of beads you know your parent will love. With beads, you have a variety to choose from. You then need nylon cord or beading wire, two crimp bead, two eyeglass holders, scissors and flat nose pliers. Follow these quick steps to create a necklace bead chain that will be perfect for your parent’s eyeglasses:

– Cut the cord or beading wire to a comfortable length
– Add the eyeglass holder and the crimp bead: thread one end of the cord or wire through one of the crimp beads and the eyeglass holders. Then thread it back so it looks like a loop. Pull it so the holders and the crimp bead are adjoining. Use the pliers to close the bead.
– String on the beads: while stringing, leave some room for the second crimp bead and eyeglass holder.
– Add the other eyeglass holder and the bead: Follow the previous steps to secure to second crimp bead and eyeglass holder.

It’s simple as that! If you want the bead chain necklace to be that much more special, buy a gift box to put it in and write a small note for your parent to read. Once you have surprised them with this one-of-a-kind gift, you can help them slip the beaded chain onto their glasses.

You really don’t need much to put a smile on your parents’ faces. Spending time with them is the greatest gift, and taking the time to make them a small gift such as bead chain necklace for eyeglasses is the perfect way to show them how much you love them.

Thinking about decorating?

closet-shelvesIf you are thinking about a decorating project in your home, why not consider decorating your closets? Closets and closet shelves can be a dull place, so maybe it’s time to change that. The following simple decorating ideas will help you fall in love with this space. What’s more, it will become an inviting and eye pleasing place in your home, without losing its functionality.

The first thing you can consider is adding an eye catching wallpaper on the closet doors or to the back of the shelves. Doing this, or even adding a little bit of paper to the back can look really lovely and warm. You can choose your favorite color, a color that will match the rest of the room or if you’re bold, choose a multi-colored one to make the space look more playful. Another option would be a paper with your favorite shapes.

A second possibility would be to paint the shelves. If you are good with paint, you can also use stencils to create your favorite designs while painting. If the room is neutral, you can try different colors for the shelves.

Another great idea for decorating your closet shelves is adding a personal touch: add special photos of you and your loved ones and of the places you have traveled to; put your most favorite books on some of the shelves; also, why not consider showcasing your jewelry?

If you choose showcasing your jewelry, it’s a great way to keep it organized, but also making your closet space more beautiful. There are many cool jewelry display ideas, but in order to use it as a decor on a closet shelf we recommend making a jewelry board. You can buy a bulletin board at a craft store and paint it. Then put push pins on which you can hang your jewelry. You can use the board for displaying necklaces only for instance. If you happen to make bead chain necklaces and you have your own unique collection, why not showcase them? This way, when you invite people over, they will see how nicely your closet is decorated, but they will notice your bead chain necklaces as well. If you organize the necklaces on the board, put the longer ones on the top and the shorter ones on the bottom. You can choose to place the jewelry board where it best fits on the shelves.

Besides, if you are a fan of beaded chains, they can serve as the perfect ornaments. You can make linked bead chains in colors that match the space and put them around the closet door handle. Without putting too much effort, you will have a playful wardrobe.

We hope these ideas inspire you to start decorating your closet and closet shelves right away!

I Wasn’t Able To Get It Right Until I Found This

If you are new to beading, all the different tools and materials may seem confusing. With so many different projects that can be made with beads, it’s difficult to determine which tools you need. Many beaders struggle with making great jewelry when they are trying to figure out what beading tools to use. Discovering the right tools and realizing when to use them will make your beading so much easier. Here is a quick guide to basic beading tools and when you will need to use them.totally-tools

Chain Nose Pliers

The chain nose pliers will be your main ‘go to’ beading tool, the first you reach for and last to put down.  This will be your most used basic jewelers tool in your starter beading kit. It will be like a second set of hands as you progress through learning the beading techniques and will become the foundation of all your tools. You only need one pair to start, but as you build your beading toolkit, you will want to invest in a few pairs of different sizes.

Don’t confuse chain nose pliers with other beading pliers. If you look closely, you will see that the chain nose pliers have a tapered nose that narrows to a fine tip. These are also similar to household pliers, but you must buy ones that are specific for jewelry. Don’t go to the hardware store to buy chain nose pliers!

Round Nose Pliers

The round nose pliers have a strong resemblance to the chain nose pliers but they are quite different. The round nose pliers nose is completely round intended make loops, circles, curves and soft edges when using sculpting wire. They are perfect for making earrings, charms, pendants, or other pieces that require small loops.

Wire Cutters

The wire cutters are used to cut the stringing materials for your beading projects. Make sure you use a strong enough pair of wire cutters for each type of wire. The thicker the gauge of wire, the stronger the wire cutter needed.

After purchasing these three basic beading tools, your beading will improve drastically.  Having the right beading tools will allow you to create beautiful projects in just a few hours! All your friends will want to know how you created such a masterpiece – one that looks like it came from a store! Buy these bead tools wholesale for a great deal on high quality tools. Don’t buy cheap tools that break easily, make an investment and you’ll be beading your whole life.

It’s Summer; What to Take Along to The Beach


Summer is here and we’re all ready to hit the beach! As you pack for a beach day, there are a few key items you don’t want to forget. The perfect beach day is possible if you remember to bring these things!

First, everyone needs sunscreen. Nothing ruins a day at the beach more than a sunburn! Bring at least SPF 30 and reapply regularly, particularly after swimming or drying off with a towel. Don’t forget the back of the legs, ears, and tops of the feet. You can use a lotion or spray sunscreen, whichever you prefer.

While you’re at it, bring a hat and a t-shirt as well. A hat is perfect for shielding the delicate skin on your face, and helps keep you cool. A t-shirt is perfect to throw on if the sun is too much, and protects your skin as well. If you feel you’re getting a sunburn, but still want to hang at the beach, put on a shirt to keep the damage from getting worse.

While lying in the sand is great, sitting on top of a towel is a lot more comfortable. Whether you’ll be swimming in the ocean or not, a big fluffy beach towel is a necessity. A towel will also help keep you from getting lots of sand in your hair, which can be difficult to wash out.

Don’t forget to bring a book, magazine, music player, or something else to enjoy while you’re there. Nothing is more relaxing than an afternoon spent reading on the beach. If you’re bringing an e-reader or tablet, make sure it’s protected from damage from sand and water. An anti-glare screen protector may be helpful as well, so you can actually read in the bright sun.

You’ve got your sunscreen, towel, and magazine. But the most important thing still needs to be packed – a rhinestone bikini! Make a statement on the beach with a sparkling bikini with rhinestone connectors. Perfect for sunbathing, no one can resist the beauty of a rhinestone connectors bikini. Whether you make it yourself, or purchase it custom made, you can’t go wrong. Nothing reflects off rhinestones better than the bright sunshine at the beach.  Don’t take your rhinestone bikini in the ocean, however. The salt water could damage the stones. But that wasn’t your plan anyway, was it? Show off that bikini body with sparkling rhinestone connectors at the beach!

With these tips you’re ready to hit the beach!

Hotfix Rhinestones: Before you place your order, get all the facts! 

If you have your eye on the perfect hot fix rhinestones, but still have some doubts, you’re on the right place. If you have any doubts, read this to learn all the facts you need to know before doing the purchase.

Many of the hot fix crystals can be applied with different methods and different tools. Most of the rhinestones come with user manuals in which you can see the guidelines about all the methods that you can use for applying your hot fix stones. Make sure that you are following the guidelines given from the brand whose stones you chose.

It is not recommended to apply hotfix rhinestones on plastic, metal, denim or glass. If you do want to apply them on these types of materials, then you should try sewing, gluing or metal setting.

The material that you will use need to be free of some chemical finishes and to be pre-washed. If you will work with fabrics that are stretchy, try to pre stretch them a bit before adding the hot fix crystals. And, always cut out a sample of the material and make a test to see how the crystals will stick to the material.

There are two types of applicators and wands that you can use with hot fix crystals – Crystal Craft and BeJeweled.

When starting with the work, first pre heat the tool, and while it is heating up, prepare the crystals. Once you start working, and start placing the rhinestones, don’t slide them once they are placed onto the fabric. When applying the crystals, it is advisable to line out the pattern you want to create on the material using chalk and putting little dots. This will help you work faster and easier with the crystals.hotfix rhinestones

If the design you want to create is harder and more complicated, then buy transfer paper and use it on your project. With this paper first you’ll copy the design on the transfer paper which will make the hot fix placement more precise, and after that apply the stones using heat. Also, keep in mind that if when you ordered your hotfix tool, you didn’t get the right size of the tip that you needed, you can always look for replacement tips. The same goes for when the tip will wear out and you’ll need new one.

And last, but not the least – before you start a beading project, make sure you purchase the right type of beads. Reread the instructions and hunt for days, if needed. Finding the right bead material means your project is half-done. Whatever you choose to do with your beads, give 100% and invest a decent amount of time – the results will surprise you!

Questions that are Constantly Asked

Being able to craft your own custom jewelry or decorate items in your home is a great skill. Beading is one of the most popular methods to make unique designs and in a way, personalize your everyday life.

Before starting to craft with glass beads, people often have tons of questions in their minds. So, in order to address some of those concerns, we have created a list of the most common doubts beaders have. If you found yourself wondering about anything related to beading in recent times, keep reading this article.

  1. How do I select the size of a clasp?beading_board

The size of the clasp should always be in proportion to the size and weight of the pieces used to create the item (necklace or bracelet). For instance, a massive necklace will look ridiculous with a small clasp. Moreover, the clasp might even not be strong enough to hold the beads and will eventually fall apart. Also, if you put a heavy clasp on a small piece, it will have a tendency to fall to the front of the necklace. You don’t want to wear a necklace that will need to be ‘fixed’ constantly, do you?

  1. I can’t get the wire through some of the stones I just bought.

Stone beads can sometimes have a hole that is slightly off its center. Try to enlarge the hole with a bead reamer, if possible. If the wire can go through it now, great. If not, try using a thinner wire.

  1. Do I need a bead board to be successful in beading?

A bead board is one of the wide range of tools you can use for crafting beautiful items out of beads. These tools can come in different shapes and sizes (but usually plastic) and may help you in making your designs and measure the length of your pieces.

  1. How to buy wholesale beads online?

Whether you are after a bulk of Czech crystal beads or any other type of gems, you have to know couple of rules for shopping wholesale stones.

  • read the product descriptions – if the wording is uncertain, you’re probably looking at cheap, low-end czech beads
  • expensive doesn’t necessarily mean quality
  • determine the exact size of beads you need, and make sure you order it right. Don’t trust online images – stones might look bigger in pictures, but be small in reality, and vice versa
  • stay away from purchases based on blurry images – low-quality images often offer low-end products
  • place small orders to ensure of the quality that a new store sells – don’t rush in purchasing tons of beads from a new place

We hope this list managed to give answers to some of your questions regarding your beading adventures. Remember – take your time in learning few skills, choose carefully when buying and let your creative skills come to the surface.

Dont Get Stuck with a Lemon: 3 Rhinestone Connectors Not to Buy


If you have been reading our posts regularly, you must know what rhinestone connectors are. But, for those who are not familiar with this term, here’s a simple explanation: rhinestone connectors are strands made of hotfix stones, used for decorating and adding sparkles to accessories and clothes.

The most common use of these connectors is on bikinis, mostly on those worn at competitions, pageants and all kinds of swimsuit contests. Besides competition suits, connectors are also used for some DIY projects with hot fix rhinestones, such as making a custom headband or crafting beautiful bracelets.

If you enjoy DIY projects with rhinestone connectors, then you might want to know how to detect quality pieces easily and what to avoid while shopping. Imagine yourself standing in a shop, sparkles all around, pure magic deriving from different shapes, colors and glitter – don’t get carried away by the feeling of excitement! Instead, focus on choosing the best pieces to use in your project. Here are couple of tips to follow while in pursuit of quality stone connectors.

  1. The first thing you have to notice is the setting and how are the crystals placed. If they’re glued, you are probably looking at a low quality product. Check out how the stones are held in place and how secure are they – pay attention to details to make sure the stones are well placed and won’t fall off easily. You don’t want to go home and end up with connectors that will miss stones!
  1. Second, take a look at the reverse side and pay attention to how well the item is soldered. It should have a smooth surface, without welds that you can feel when touching the product. If you find any noticeable welds, there’s a huge possibility the connectors would rip some trimmings on your clothing etc.
  1. Third, check how easy the links on the connector move together. If you notice some kinks or stiffness in their movement, you might find it difficult to place it the right way or experience some inconvenience while wearing the item with the connector.

Extra tip: If you are not shopping in a physical store, but ordering wholesale connectors, the above mentioned tips won’t apply. In that case, try to read reviews and visit forums where customers discuss the quality of the product. Also, if you avoid buying Chinese connectors, you might eliminate a great chance of getting stuck with a lemon. Choose wisely, so you won’t have to spend your money on low-quality items!

Will Glass Beads be Part of Your life Story?


Glass beads are a crafter’s dream; extremely versatile, beautiful, and affordable, they can be used in almost any crafting project. Though your mind might immediately go to beaded jewelry, there are many other options for working with glass beads. Looking to get inspired? Read on for some ideas to use up your loose Czech glass beads.

If you are looking for a project to make with Czech pressed glass beads, customizing clothes is a great choice! You can embroider any piece of fabric, whether it’s a shirt, jacket, or dress. Sewing with glass beads is a great way to embellish your wardrobe. Create appliques that are then attached to your clothing, or embroider the beads right onto the fabric! Seed beads are perfect for this project, but other glass beads can be used as well.

Home Décor
Every home could use a few more beads! A fun, vintage choice to decorate with beads is to create a beaded curtain! This is a great DIY project to use up loose glass beads. All you need is durable string, a hanging rod, and many beautiful beads! Just string them on, either with a pattern or randomly, attach to the rod and hang! Place in a doorway or over a window, an especially beautiful choice with transparent glass beads.

You can also create a custom beaded chandelier! Either drape a string of beads on an existing chandelier, or attach them to the top and sides for an artistic look! You can use any color bead, and consider painting the chandelier to match your bead color scheme.

Lamp shades are an unexpected place to add beads – a little beaded fringe will create a stunning rainbow of light. Either make many short strands of beads and attach them to the bottom of the shade, or create one long strand and drape it along the bottom. Both techniques create a beautiful and unique work of art!

Fashion Accessories
Whether it’s a headband, purse, belt, or other accessory, a little bit of beads can go a long way. Attach beads to an existing headband or barrette for some added sparkle. You can even arrange the beads in a pattern of flowers, stars, or even someone’s name! The same can be done with a beaded purse. Embroider the beads right on to the bag for a unique fashion piece all your friends will want. Beads can truly be used on any accessory, including a belt, shoes, wallet, and more!

Go crazy with Czech glass beads and create something beautiful! Once you start working, you may surprise yourself by what you make.


Five Tips to Get Any Person to Listen to You

Everyone wants to be heard. Whether you are in front of a large group or a single person, there are steps that can be taken to ensure they listen to you. These five tips will help you with your confidence and grab their attention!

Wait until you have their attention
Don’t say anything substantive until you have an audience connection. Note that their first impression is visual, not verbal. Gain command of the room by the way you carry yourself, by standing and walking with confidence. Wait until you feel the power in the conversation to begin speaking.

Be authentic
When you speak to someone, you must come across as real. This means sharing your beliefs and your struggles, and helping the other person to feel comfortable. If you find a personal connection with someone, they will be much more willing to listen to you. By opening up about a personal struggle, or how you overcame moments of doubt, others will have your respect when it comes to discuss something more trivial.


Engage with stories

It’s stories that people remember. The personal experiences and stories you share with others create emotional engagement, decrease resistance and give meaning. It is meaning that gets peoples’ hearts and fuels discretionary effort, thinking and desire to actively support you.

Be fully present
You must be fully present to move people to listen and pay attention, rather than simply be in attendance. Any time you are communicating, you need to be prepared — and to speak from your heart. No matter how beautifully a speech is written, it doesn’t come across as authentic or from your heart if you are reading it. Embrace what you want to say and use notes if you must, but never read a speech if you want to be believable and move people to action.

Dress your best to feel your best
If you can’t find confidence within yourself, “fake it til you make it” and do whatever you can to make yourself feel great! Putting on a nice outfit and accessorizing with a linked bead chain will help you feel confident and ready for any conversation. When you look your best, others are more willing to respect and listen to you. Command their attention with a sparkling necklace bead chain.

Follow these tips to be a more confident speaker and command attention anywhere! When you believe in yourself and what you have to say, people will have no choice but to listen.

Wow Your Friends with Bead Chain Necklaces

bead-chain-necklaceThere’s no need to wear the same necklace every day – stock up on beaded chain in various colors and styles. You can wear just one strand on its own for a simple, understated look. Or rock designer style and wear multiple strands together! Mix different types of stones, colors, and lengths for a custom jewelry look that’s all your own. Whether they’re 5 or 105, everyone loves a beautiful beaded chain necklace.

You can find these chains with Czech crystal beads, fire polished beads, pearl beads, druk beads, faceted gemstones, and table cut glass beads. Any type of glass bead can be found pre-linked into a chain.  Choose from bicone, cathedral, faceted, gemstone, rondel, round, swirl, or many other designs! If you really can’t decide, selected a mixed chain, featuring beads of different sizes and shapes.

You can purchase linked bead chain in every color of the rainbow. For a beginning beader, purchase a selection of beaded chains in the same color family, like many green and blue strands. This makes it easy to create coordinating jewelry that gives you the freedom to be creative!

Chains come in black, brass, copper, gold, and silver.  These chains are sold by the meter, which makes it easy to purchase many strands of different types of chains. If you have selected your bead chain, it’s time to start creating some jewelry! Here are all the things you can do with linked bead chain.

Make a simple necklace
Measure a strand that’s long enough to slip over your head and cut with jewelry pliers. Use a jump chain to attach one end to the other, and you’ve got a necklace!  This “forever” necklace is stylish and oh-so-easy. Simple beads go from drab to fab if they are worn correctly. A few strands of coordinating colors can dress up any outfit.

Create a designer look
Making a rosary bead necklace is easier than you may think! Just use the pliers to stretch the chain, add the clasp, and close it up. Add charms, lockets, or other fun pieces.

Make a necklace for yourself
You could make a few necklaces for the price of buying one at the store. The quality is often better if you make it yourself, and if it breaks, you have all the tools to repair it! If you have multiple bead chain necklaces in different colors, it’s easy to create a new accessory look every day.

Make a necklace for your friend/loved one
These necklaces are so simple to make, you can make many as gifts for friends and family. Customize them with their favorite colors or charms.

Make necklaces to sell
In the modern age, it’s easy to sell handmade jewelry online through various marketplaces. Or use your own social media page to sell to friends around the country! You can take custom orders to create special necklaces in different colors and styles for your customers.

Make other jewelry!
Linked bead chain isn’t just for necklaces – create custom bracelets, earrings, key chains, or even to add as fringe to clothing and home décor!

There are so many options when it comes to linked bead chain, you may not nowhere to begin. But with these ideas, you better have a large supply of beads!