Archive | September 2011

Our Brand New Website!

Congratulations. Yes, we’ve updated our website, and it’s great! But is it? Seems like we’ve hit a few rough patches along the way. Over the last week, we’ve had a lot of feedback from¬†existing customers, along with new customers. While this project has been one we’ve been working on for a while now, it seems to have hit some controversy¬†among our customers.

First off, Change. No one likes change. Change means we need to learn and adapt to something foreign to us, which often is a hassle, time consuming, and over-all never quite pleasant. Well, we get that, and so we tried to keep things simple, and scrapped a lot of advanced changes for the time being. But, with that said, it’s still new, and does require some strides to over-come the learning curve.

Here’s what we think.