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The Gift of Creativity

wholesale jewelry supplies Most young girls out there, at one point or another, go through a phase of loving fashion. For some it is just a phase while others maintain a love of fashion for their entire lives. Few however can turn this love into a creative hobby. By purchasing wholesale jewelry supplies you can turn that love of fashion into a stimulating, creative and potentially lucrative hobby.

Since young girls love jewelry they will jump at the opportunity to make their own. It is a great hobby that stimulates creativity and industriousness. Young people get to set a goal and work hard to meet that goal. Once they have completed their project they have something they can wear or give to a friend. It is also a proven fact that artistically based hobbies like arts and crafts, music, and painting stimulate the brain and can improve school performance. Jewelry making improves everything from fine motor function to pattern recognition.

Instead of just reading a magazine or surfing the web, why not have your little girl make her own fashion trends? Buying wholesale jewelry supplies may even end up saving you money on costly trips to the mall. Besides, you may have a budding designer in your home. If they make it big, who do you think they will thank?

Rhinestone Clothing

wholesale rhinestonesNow that spring is here many people are trading in their heavy winter coats for lighter spring jackets. Denim jackets are popular this season and many people are buying wholesale rhinestones and using them to add a personal touch to these jackets. With so many guides online adding wholesale rhinestones to a jacket, pair of jeans, or other clothing item is easy.

Trends are cyclical in nature. The trend of adding rhinestone to jackets first gained popularity in the 1970’s but has again come into fashion. Some clothing stores are offering denim jackets with pre-sewn rhinestone designs. Other savvy and craft capable entrepreneurs are selling their services adding custom images to people jackets or jeans. Rhinestone designs offer people the option of making their jean jackets and other items unique. With so many people out there wearing the same thing customizing is a good way for the fashion conscious to stand out.

If you already know how to sew, learning to add rhinestone is not going to be difficult. Since wholesale rhinestones are cheap you can try a few practice runs before going to work customizing your favorite items of clothing. Animals seem to be a popular theme but anything and everything looks good in rhinestone, so go wild!

Gifting Homemade Jewelry

glass beadsMaking jewelry at home using whole sale jewelry supplies is a fun hobby but it can also save you money. Once you have practiced your craft you can make pieces to give friends. Considering how much jewelry costs retail, you will be glad you made it at home. Making jewelry at home also allows you to personalize it for the recipients using their favorite colors and glass beads.
You don’t need to be a master craftsperson to be able to make impressive jewelry. All you need to make a necklace are beads and wire. Just chose a pattern and get to beading, you will have something fashionable in no time. From there you can work your way up to more complex pieces like earrings or tiaras.
If you don’t think you have the creative spark or time to make jewelry you can always gift someone jewelry making supplies. It is certainly more affordable and personal than buying pre-made jewelry items. Anyone you know with a love of fashion and an independent streak will appreciate the gesture. Then maybe they will make you something special for your next birthday!
If you need some inspiration to get started look online. Many websites are devoted to home jewelry craft.