linked bead chain11When it comes to Bead Chain Necklaces, there are many facts and rumors out there that people believe to be true. Whether it’s about making or using bead chain necklaces, here are six facts that everyone thinks are true

  1. Bead chain necklaces are cheap looking.
    Some people may think linked bead necklaces look cheap and not like fine jewelry. This is definitely incorrect. Yes, you can purchase linked bead chain that is poorly made and does not look nice, but if you take time to buy the best, you will not be disappointed. Beaded chain necklaces made with quality metal and hand-crafted Czech glass beads look anything but cheap. People will be constantly impressed by your beautiful jewelry!
  2. Bead chain necklaces are simple and don’t make a statement.
    Some people think a beaded chain necklace is too plain to wear to a special occasion or to make a fashion statement. A single strand of these beads may be a simple choice, but layer necklaces of different colors and lengths for a designer look! Simple beads go from drab to fab if they are worn correctly. A few strands of coordinating colors can dress up any outfit.
  3. Linked beads are difficult to work with.
    Some people may look at these chains and think they look too difficult to work with. On the contrary, linked bead chains could not be easier to work with and it only takes a few hours to create a beautiful piece of jewelry! All you need is a pair of jewelry pliers and you can easily make a necklace for yourself or a friend.
  4. There are not many options for Bead Chain Necklaces.
    Linked beads may just be a simple strand of beads on a chain, but there are hundreds of different color and material combinations, making for a truly unique necklace! You could wear a different linked bead strand every day of the year and still have new options to choose from! Small beads, big beads, faceted beads or round, there truly is something for everyone.
  5. It’s cheaper to buy as a necklace than to make yourself.
    One of the greatest advantages to making your own bead chain necklaces is how inexpensively you can have custom jewelry! You could make a few necklaces for the price of buying one at the store. The quality is often better if you make it yourself, and if it breaks, you have all the tools to repair it!
  6. Bead chain necklaces aren’t for me.
    Many people have an idea of their head of what bead chain necklaces look like, but they’re usually wrong! These aren’t just simple rosary beads. They come in so many different styles that they look perfect with a casual look, business suit, or formal cocktail dress! No matter the occasion, a bead chain necklace is an easy way to accessorize.

Purchase wholesale linked chain today to make your own necklaces! You’ll instantly get compliments on your beautiful custom jewelry.

Add a Special Touch Using Hotfix Rhinestones

Are you bored of your wardrobe and want to make a change without breaking the bank? It’s easy to upgrade your closet with Hotfix rhinestones! These fun stones add glam and sparkle to your shirts, pants, bags, shoes, and other garments! The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to hot fix crystal designs. With a handful of rhinestones, a hot fix tool and an afternoon, you can turn any item from drab to fab!

The easiest garment to add hot fix rhinestones to is a simple t-shirt. You can place hot fix stones over an existing design, or create you own! Place rhinestones along the neckline, or create a quick stencil for a small shape like a heart, a star, or an initial. Use the hot fix tool to apply the rhinestones to the shirt and you’re done! There’s no rule as to how many rhinestones you can add to a shirt, or how few. It’s all up to you and what you prefer! If you want to add a larger design, it’s advised to use an iron and transfer paper for exact rhinestone application.

Add some pizzazz to a pair of jeans with some rhinestones! Embellish the back pockets, front pockets, or create an all over design. This is an easy way to dress up some worn out jeans. The mix of glam with ripped is definitely in style, so take advantage and add rhinestones to distressed jeans. You can also put rhinestones on denim shorts. If you want to really go crazy with the rhinestones, cover the front of the shorts in a rhinestone pattern. Great style for pennies on the dollar!

When it comes time for Prom, everyone wants to look their best. It’s often difficult to find the perfect dress, or one that is unique. By adding hotfix rhinestones, any dress can become a custom one! For a little added sparkle, use rhinestones of a matching color along the waistband or straps. A light dusting of rhinestones is sure to impress any prom date. All your peers will be envious of you custom-made embellished prom dress!

It’s easy to spice up a purse, backpack, tote, or handbag with some hot fix crystals. A fun craft idea is to embellish a plain tote bag with a name or a fun saying – it makes a great gift! Customize a simple backpack and you’ll never mistake yours for another. Be sure you don’t add hot fix crystals to a leather bag, as the glue will not stick. Any other fabric is a great choice, like canvas or cotton. A small rhinestone design will make any handbag look like a designer creation.

With just a few rhinestones, any garment can become a masterpiece. Impress your friends with your new custom embellished wardrobe! You may find them asking you to create them their own piece of rhinestone clothing. Whether you choose to customize clothing you already own, or pick up some plain shirts is up to you! It’s always fun to go on a thrift store treasure hunt for some simple items and then dazzle them up with hot fix rhinestones at home!

Lighten Up Your Day with Necklace Bead Chain

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Big jewelry and necklaces are all the rage right now. Everyone from runways to discount stores are featuring chunky statement necklaces. They look great, but can be heavy and uncomfortable. A better way to rock a beaded necklace without straining your neck is a bead chain necklace.

Beaded chain necklaces are versatile, fashionable, and easy to wear! You can wear just one strand on it’s own for a simple, understated look. Or rock designer style and wear multiple strands together! Mix different types of stones, colors, and lengths for a custom jewelry look that’s all your own.

If you have multiple bead chain necklaces in different colors, it’s easy to create a new accessory look everyday! There’s no need to wear the same necklace every day – stock up on beaded chain in various colors and styles. You can’t go wrong with this fun jewelry trend, whether you make them yourself or buy them in store.

Of course we recommend you purchase wholesale beaded chain and put together your own personalized jewelry. Making a rosary bead necklace is easier than you may think! All it requires is a beaded chain, a pair of jewelry pliers, and a simple jewelry clasp. Just use the pliers to stretch the chain, add the clasp, and close it up. You’ve got a custom necklace in minutes! Or, make the necklace long enough to slip over your head, and just link the jump chains together for a no-clasp look! This “forever” necklace is stylish and oh-so-easy.

These necklaces are so simple to make, you can make many as gifts for friends and family, or even make them to sell! In the modern age, it’s easy to sell handmade jewelry online through various marketplaces. Or use your own social media page to sell to friends around the country! You can take custom orders to create special necklaces in different colors and styles for your customers.

Beaded chain comes in so many different varieties, you can buy them in bulk so you’re always prepared to make a new necklace! ModeBeads has a huge selection of types of beads, colors, chain color, and more so you can make the perfect bead chain necklace. You could spend hours browsing through all the types of chain, but once you find some favorites, they are inexpensive enough to order a few! Once you start making rosary bead necklaces, you won’t want to stop.

Necklace bead chain is so lightweight, you won’t even realize you’re wearing a necklace! Coordinate your necklace to your outfit for effortless accessorizing that will get many compliments. Everyone will want to know which designer shop you purchased your necklace from – they’ll never believe you made it yourself! Even if you’re new to making jewelry, making necklaces with beaded chain is a great first project.

What are you waiting for?! Start creating beautiful, custom necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry today, you’ll wonder why you ever bought jewelry from a store once you learn how to make your own bead chain necklaces.

Customizing Clothing with Czech Glass Beads

Czech glass beads are a beautiful creation. They have been around for thousands of years, and have functioned as currency, gifts, religious purposes, and, of course, as works of art. There are a wide variety of types of glass beads, as well as colors. Glass beads can achieve the look of pearls or crystal beads but for a much lower price, which makes them affordable to all. Glass beads can be used in many different type of projects, but there are certain ways that best highlight their beauty.

If you are looking for a project to make with Czech pressed glass beads, customizing clothes is a great choice! You can embroider any piece of fabric, whether it’s a shirt, jacket, dress, purse, or even home furnishings. Sewing with glass beads is a great way to embellish your wardrobe or create beaded pillows, fringed lampshades, and other decorative crafts.

Beading on fabric is easier than you might think, and is a great way to use loose glass beads. You can create a pattern as intricate or as simple as you like, but all you need is to learn a few simple skills. You can sew the beads directly on to the garment, or make an applique to attach separately. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to beadwork with glass beads.

customizingThe most important thing to consider when embroidering with glass beads is properly matching the needle, thread, and technique. If you do not do this, your piece may be ruined by tangles, broken needles, and frayed thread. Be sure to pay close attention when selecting your materials to guarantee this does not occur. If you’re embroidering something that will be machine washed, don’t use silk thread. And if you will need to iron or use heat to dry the garment, nylon thread could melt and is not advised.

Seed bead embroidery is a traditional Native American art. They create beautiful custom shawls, moccasins, headpieces, and more. Today, glass beads are used to customize any fabric! Bead embroidery is simply stitching beads onto fabric. Beads can be used to embellish fabric by incorporating them into any traditional or freeform embroidery stitch.

If you’re comfortable with a needle and thread, you can do glass bead embroidery! This technique offers so much design potential and design freedom. Stitch on leather, fabric, nonwoven base, clothing, Ultrasuede and leather. If you can pass a needle through it, you can add glass beads to it.

Bead embroidery can be one of the most expressive, most satisfying methods of beadwork you will do. It’s like painting with beads; forms create themselves, patterns flow and the beads know where they want to be.

You can use embroidery to customize any piece of clothing. Create many matching shirts for a sports team, family reunion, or special event! You can purchase patterns to create beaded embroidery of a favorite logo, design, or character. Experienced beaders or those looking for more creative liberty can do freehand embroidery to create any type of design! Stock up on wholesale glass beads so you’re prepared for any beading project, at any time. There’s no better way to learn than by practicing your embroidery today!

How to Make Money Selling Jewelry Made Out of Plastic Beads

So, you’ve decided to start selling your jewelry. Fantastic! If jewelry-making is already a hobby of yours, selling this jewelry is a great way to learn new techniques and make some extra money. Before you begin, it’s important to make a plan. It takes more than a talent for beading to be successful in selling jewelry. But with passion and a bit of business sense, it is possible to make money selling jewelry made of plastic beads.

Before you begin selling, make sure you have a sizable stock of jewelry in various sizes, styles, and designs. Practice using some new techniques and make jewelry with a variety of colors and wow your customers with a diverse collection of beautiful jewelry to sell.

Make sure you take a hard look at how much money you spend on supplies and tools to figure out how much you need to charge for your jewelry. Don’t forget to add labor costs! There’s no point in selling jewelry if you don’t make at least a slight profit. Try looking online at other handmade jewelry shops to determine around how much you can charge for your jewelry – it may be more than you think!

Next, you need to determine where you want to sell your jewelry. A great option for many crafters is to sell online. You can create a shop on Etsy, or even just share your jewelry designs on your personal social media pages. There are many places to sell jewelry online, so make sure you do your research to find the best place for you. Selling online gives you more time to create your product, and allows you to reach a broader selection of people.

If selling online isn’t your style, it’s time to look for craft fairs in your area. There are often many crafting affairs during the holiday season, but keep your eyes out for craft fairs throughout the year. You can also sell jewelry at local farmers markets.  Before you sign up for a booth, make sure you’re clear on all the rules of the fair. The last thing you want is to end the day with a fistful of cash and realize you have to give 50% to the fair organizers! Most organizers will require a small fee to allow you to host a stall with them, so you should consider whether the amount of jewelry you sell will be enough to cover this cost, as well as the costs of the jewelry making equipment which you used in the first place.

Selling jewelry made with plastic beads can be a great way to turn a hobby into a business. Save on supplies by buying bulk plastic beads and jewelry making supplies.

All Beads Are Not Swarovski Beads

When it comes to working with crystals, not all beads are alike. You may think you scored a great deal on some Swarovski beads for your latest jewelry project, but you may be wrong. To the naked eye, Czech glass beads and Swarovski crystal beads may seem alike, but in reality they are vastly different. Before you get tricked into buying fake crystal beads, here are some tips on how to tell you’ve got the genuine thing.

Crystal glass beads are mostly just glass, with a big of lead oxide to increase light refraction. Swarovski crystal contains up to 10% more lead oxide than the average crystal glass bead, which makes a difference. The increased lead contact refracts light more effectively, adding more sparkle and luster to each crystal bead. The lead content also make the bead heavier than normal glass.

Apart from the lead oxide content, there are other differences between Swarovski beads and crystal glass beads. The most important is the consistency of the cuts and facets. swarovskiThe facets of Swarovski beads have a uniform shape and consistently precise cuts on the facets.  Other crystal beads or fake Swarovski crystals have uneven facets which often do not line up properly.  When you compare Swarovski crystals to each other, each is completely identical, because they are cut by a high-tech machine. Knock-off crystal beads may vary in bluntness or size.

The brilliant colors of Swarovski beads is another distinction that sets them apart. There is almost a 99.8% accuracy and consistency on all its product range. Swarovski colors are always the same regardless of the design of the bead, and they do not fade over time. This is not always the case for other crystal beads, which may fade to a duller color and can have a wide variance of color in one bag.  This is usually the result of poor quality control at different stages of the manufacturing process.

Though Swarovski manufactures some of the greatest crystals on the world, it does not mean they are the only options out there for jewelry making and beading. Both Swarovski and Preciosa are superb examples of incredibly high-quality crystal. While Swarovski currently provides a greater variety of colors, effects and shapes, but Preciosa has a lower price-point and can be a very economical choice. It is up to you to determine which type of crystal beads you select, but you can find both at low wholesale prices from Mode Beads.

Tips on Buying, Using and Cleaning Glass Beads


If you are new to using glass beads, there are some things you should know before you begin! Glass beads are a great choice for jewelry making, crafting, and embellishing just about anything. Glass beads come in a wide range of colors & shapes, perfect for any project.

Glass Beads Buying Tips:

  • Purchase glass beads in large quantities to save money and to guarantee you always have a large stock of glass beads. Buying wholesale glass beads is a great way to do this.
  • Pay close attention to the colors and sizes of the beads you are buying, especially if you want them to match beads you already have in your collection.
  • Buy seasonal pieces at the end of the season when they are placed on clearance and save them until the following year when they come back into season.
  • Pay attention to sales and deals, you don’t want to miss the best price!

Glass Bead Usage Tips:

  • Invest in a bead organizer so your glass beads are easy to find when you need them. Separate your beads according to size, center hole size, color, and materials. This will make it easy to determine which beads to use. Organize your tools as well so you can begin beading quickly.
  • Invest in a good source of light like a desk lamp at your crafting work space.
  • If you pour the beads out onto a slick surface they can slide off. Try placing thin cotton material over the table so that your beads will stay in place. If you use a white cotton material your beads will be easier to see than if they were spread out on a colored cloth.
  • Design the beads on the table in the order you want them before you string them to the wire. This way you can see how your design looks and change it if necessary.

Tip for Cleaning Glass Beads

  • -Before you use your glass beads, it is important to clean them to remove any dust or debris that has gathered in the hole. You can also clean your beads after years of wear, if they have gotten dirty or just need some sprucing up.
  • There are many ways to clean glass beads. You can use vinegar, warm water, or water and lemon juice.
  • A great way to clean glass beads is with denture cleaning tablet. Place the beads in a large bowl or cup, fill with water, and then drop in the cleaning tablet (or as directed).  When you are finished soaking them, use a slotted spoon and lay the beads out on a clean dry towel to air dry.

Glass beads are fun material to work with and can create the most beautiful finished projects. Experiment with glass beads today by buying wholesale beads from Mode Beads.

What you don’t know about rhinestone beads may hurt you

Rhinestones may seem like an innocent crafting material, but when put in the wrong hands, they can be dangerous. You may not think this is possible, but it is. If you follow a few precautions, however, you will be able to use rhinestones without worry on your beading and jewelry projects.

All quality rhinestones are made of glass coated with lead. The amount of lead in rhinestones ranges from 23-30% lead by weight. Lead is a very poisonous material, and can cause birth defects or reproductive harm. Most rhinestones comply with state or federal lead standards, but you must be careful. Crystal rhinestones from some suppliers may contain lead. If you are unsure if the lead quantity in your rhinestones, it’s important to follow the following rules. Do not place rhinestones in your mouth, or place your fingers in your mouth after touching crystal rhinestones. Use applicator sticks to apply them, and wash your hands after applying crystal rhinestones. If you have children around you when you are working with rhinestones, be extra careful that they do not place rhinestones in their mouths.

Children are most at risk of lead poisoning from rhinestones. If you have children around you when you are working. Be sure they wash their hands if they touch the rhinestones. State and Federal Laws have become strict on the use of Lead-containing “anything” on children’s clothing (age 12 and younger). Learn these laws and observe them.

To avoid having issues with lead poisoning, do not put crystal rhinestones on plates, silverware, drinking glasses, or other containers that hold food or beverages. This will expose people to lead poisoning. It is also important to make sure rhinestones do not have any damage or cracks that could result in a part falling off.

Another issue with rhinestones is a potential choking hazard. Rhinestones are typically small and sometimes sharp, both of which make them a danger to small children. Keep rhinestones out of reach of children, which also means not putting rhinestones on toys, garments, or other items meant for children. The US government recently had to recall pacifiers that were decorated with rhinestones, as they caused a choking hazard to the children who used them. Use common sense and avoid increasing the change that children will come in contact with a small choking hazard like rhinestones.

These pieces of advice may worry you, but they will only make you safer around crystal rhinestones. If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to use rhinestones worry-free, and continue to create beautiful jewelry and crafts using wholesale rhinestones.

6 Ways You Can Use Glass Beads for Crafting

glass-beads-craftsGlass beads are one of the greatest materials a crafter can purchase because there are near endless projects you can create! Stock up on wholesale glass beads so you are always prepared when inspiration strikes. Even if you are new to beading, there’s the perfect glass bead craft for you. Get started with these six ways you can use glass beads for crafting.

Embellished Wine Glasses – Turn a plain wine glass into a work of art with glass beads! Attach glass beads with glue on the base of the glass for a bit of glamour. You can also personalize wine glasses by gluing glass beads in the shape of an initial on the glass. Custom wine glasses are a great gift for any wine lover.

Beaded window curtain – Decorate your window with a fun beaded curtain made of different strands of glass beads. Personalize the curtain with your room decorations and use whichever colors you like! After you hang the curtain, it will create rainbows of reflected sunlight throughout the room.

Custom Flower Vase – Fresh flowers are always a great thing to have in the home, and a custom flower vase makes it even more special.  Covering a plain glass vase in glass beads is easy to do and looks great after just an afternoon of work.  Try using glass beads in the colors of your favorite flowers, or make a variety of custom vases for each season! Cover the whole vase in beads to hide the stems and display the best part – the gorgeous flowers.

Suncatcher – A glass bead suncatcher is a great craft the whole family can work on.  Find a round object to put the beads on – you can use baking tins, yogurt container lids, or other objects that can be placed in the oven. Place the glass beads in the mold in whatever design you prefer, then pour over with glue. Bake in the oven and once it’s cool, pop out of the mold. Your suncatcher is ready to hang in a window or on a porch!

Christmas Ornament – Glass beads look beautiful when turned into a Christmas ornament. Using wire, you can string glass beads in to a variety of fun and festive shapes, like snowmen, snowflakes, trees, and more. The options are limitless when it comes to making custom Christmas ornaments with glass beads.

Jewelry – The go-to craft for glass beads is always jewelry. Turn glass beads into beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more! Perfect to give to a loved one or to keep for yourself! Experiment with different colors and shapes for truly unique glass bead jewelry.

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, it’s time to get some glass beads and start crafting! View our wide selection of wholesale glass beads in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, perfect for any project.

Making a Christmas Bauble with Rhinestone Beads

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to deck the halls! When the holidays roll around, it can be difficult to find the perfect decorations at the perfect price. Making DIY Christmas ornaments is a great way to decorate your home with custom ornaments at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Buying wholesale ornament making supplies are often much cheaper than purchasing ready-made ornaments. Making homemade Christmas ornaments means you can personalize your décor with your favorite colors, your monogram, or other custom designs.

An easy Christmas ornament is a Christmas bauble made with rhinestone beads. This project is easy to make and can be completed in an afternoon! The best part they are completely customizable so you can create your ideal DIY Christmas ornament. A homemade Christmas bauble is also a great gift to give for the holidays, and you can customize it for each recipient!


The materials needed for this handmade Christmas ornament are very easy to find. To start, select a plain glass or plastic ball ornament. Plastic is a good choice if you are working with children, while glass has a more luxurious feel. You can purchase Christmas ornaments that are clear, transparent, or any color of the rainbow.

Once you have your ornament, it’s time to select your rhinestones. Choosing rhinestones in varying colors and sizes can create a beautiful design for your homemade Christmas ornament, or a large group of identical rhinestones. You can pick up paint pens, acrylic paint, or glitter to complete your design. Don’t forget the glue to affix your rhinestones.

Once you have your materials, it’s time to make your ornament! An easy way to decorate your homemade rhinestone ornament is to use a plain blue ornament, white rhinestones, and white paint or glitter glue. Attach the rhinestones to the ornament in a snowflake shape, and use the glitter glue or paint to add detail.

Rhinestones can also be made into designs of initials, trees, or simple designs like stripes and polka dots. Your imagination is the limit with DIY Christmas ornaments!

Make one or make 100 and decorate your entire tree with homemade Christmas ornaments.

When making your ornament, it may be helpful to lightly mark with a pencil or pen where you want to attach your rhinestones. When applying the glue, it’s important not to use too much, or the glue will ooze out the sides and ruin your design! As in all crafts, taking your time and having attention to detail will guarantee a beautiful finished product.