Wow Your Friends with Bead Chain Necklaces

bead-chain-necklaceThere’s no need to wear the same necklace every day – stock up on beaded chain in various colors and styles. You can wear just one strand on its own for a simple, understated look. Or rock designer style and wear multiple strands together! Mix different types of stones, colors, and lengths for a custom jewelry look that’s all your own. Whether they’re 5 or 105, everyone loves a beautiful beaded chain necklace.

You can find these chains with Czech crystal beads, fire polished beads, pearl beads, druk beads, faceted gemstones, and table cut glass beads. Any type of glass bead can be found pre-linked into a chain.  Choose from bicone, cathedral, faceted, gemstone, rondel, round, swirl, or many other designs! If you really can’t decide, selected a mixed chain, featuring beads of different sizes and shapes.

You can purchase linked bead chain in every color of the rainbow. For a beginning beader, purchase a selection of beaded chains in the same color family, like many green and blue strands. This makes it easy to create coordinating jewelry that gives you the freedom to be creative!

Chains come in black, brass, copper, gold, and silver.  These chains are sold by the meter, which makes it easy to purchase many strands of different types of chains. If you have selected your bead chain, it’s time to start creating some jewelry! Here are all the things you can do with linked bead chain.

Make a simple necklace
Measure a strand that’s long enough to slip over your head and cut with jewelry pliers. Use a jump chain to attach one end to the other, and you’ve got a necklace!  This “forever” necklace is stylish and oh-so-easy. Simple beads go from drab to fab if they are worn correctly. A few strands of coordinating colors can dress up any outfit.

Create a designer look
Making a rosary bead necklace is easier than you may think! Just use the pliers to stretch the chain, add the clasp, and close it up. Add charms, lockets, or other fun pieces.

Make a necklace for yourself
You could make a few necklaces for the price of buying one at the store. The quality is often better if you make it yourself, and if it breaks, you have all the tools to repair it! If you have multiple bead chain necklaces in different colors, it’s easy to create a new accessory look every day.

Make a necklace for your friend/loved one
These necklaces are so simple to make, you can make many as gifts for friends and family. Customize them with their favorite colors or charms.

Make necklaces to sell
In the modern age, it’s easy to sell handmade jewelry online through various marketplaces. Or use your own social media page to sell to friends around the country! You can take custom orders to create special necklaces in different colors and styles for your customers.

Make other jewelry!
Linked bead chain isn’t just for necklaces – create custom bracelets, earrings, key chains, or even to add as fringe to clothing and home décor!

There are so many options when it comes to linked bead chain, you may not nowhere to begin. But with these ideas, you better have a large supply of beads!


If You Aren’t Sure Why Hotfix, Read This!

Hot fix rhinestone are the best thing to happen to custom clothing since the sewing machine. Hot fix stones can be applied anywhere – garments, bags, scarves, shoes and fabrics. Add some bling to a basic cotton tshirt, denim jean pockets, or a special occasion dress. You can even bedazzle a lamp, throw pillow, or curtains! It may be tough to get the hang of at first, but with a little practice, you’ll be an expert.

hotfix-flatbacksThe most common way is to use the Hot Fix tool or applicator. The hot fix tool is perfect for precise rhinestone application, or when applying rhinestones in a small area. Pick up the hot-fix tool by handle and place on the rhinestone; the rhinestone should readily fit and affix to the tool. All that’s left is to place the rhinestone where you would like it to adhere and wait! Press the tool for a few seconds so the glue can melt and adhere to the fabric.

Using an iron can be more time-efficient, and a good solution if you want to apply a large pattern of rhinestones. If you have a steady hand, you can merely place the crystals on the garment in your desired pattern, and iron over it. You can also put a piece of Teflon sheet between the iron and the fabric.

Now that you know how to use hot fix crystals, here are a few ways you can use them!

The easiest garment to add hot fix rhinestones to is a simple t-shirt. Place rhinestones along the neckline, or create a quick stencil for a small shape like a heart, a star, or an initial. Use the hot fix tool to apply the rhinestones to the shirt and you’re done! There’s no rule as to how many rhinestones you can add to a shirt, or how few. If you want to add a larger design, it’s advised to use an iron and transfer paper for exact rhinestone application.

Add some pizzazz to a pair of jeans with some rhinestones! Embellish the back pockets, front pockets, or create an all-over design. This is an easy way to dress up some worn out jeans. The mix of glam with distressed is definitely in style, so take advantage and add rhinestones to ripped jeans. If you want to really go crazy with the rhinestones, cover the front of some shorts in a rhinestone pattern. Great style for pennies on the dollar!

When it comes time for Prom, everyone wants to look their best. It’s often difficult to find the perfect dress, or one that is unique. By adding hotfix rhinestones, any dress can become a custom one! For a little added sparkle, use rhinestones of a matching color along the waistband or straps. A light dusting of rhinestones is sure to impress any prom date. All your peers will be envious of you custom-made embellished prom dress!

You can also use hotfix rhinestones to customize shoes, jackets, home décor, backpacks and handbags, accessories, and more! Stock up on wholesale rhinestones for endless creativity.

Why Competitive Intelligence Matters Now More Than Ever Before

The one thing that’s more than obvious in any branch of business nowadays is vast competition. The reason for this is also obvious – the access to Internet has led to the world becoming one huge marketplace with doors wide open for everyone out there. So, how do you manage to stay in business while in an environment of so much competition? The answer to that is Competitive Intelligence.

Competitive Intelligence is actually ethically monitoring the work of your competitors by collecting data, analyzing it and using it to make better strategic decisions in favor of your own business. Why is it so important now more than ever? It’s very simple – since the worldwide market is too crowded and everyone seems to be doing the same thing, you have to stand out from the crowd in order to be successful.

You are now probably wondering what does this have to do with rhinestones and beading? Well, we are about to share an idea that might turn into something big for you.

In a world full of all sorts of bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, what can possibly make your bikini differ from the rest out there? Or even better, how to transform basic bikini into a unique piece that everyone would notice? A little hint – the bikini connector.

Yes, you may think the connector is an irrelevant part of the bikini that nobody pays attention to, but guess what? If you choose the right bikini connector, it will most certainly make a huge difference. It is a well known fact that people use rhinestones to decorate things and spice up their looks. What’s a better way to revamp old bikini or create new unique piece and make it stand out from the competition, than using great rhinestone bikini connectors?

Purchasing a custom handmade bikini can cost thousands of dollar, but making one yourself and using rhinestone bikini connectors can be done at a much lower cost. The most popular type of connectors are the crystal bikini connectors, very often used for making shiny competition bikini.

Before you start doing your magic, first you need to buy wholesale bikini connectors and choose the ones that seem suitable for your bikini type. The best part about choosing the connectors is that you have all the freedom to choose anything that seems nice to you, with other words – you have a complete power over the look of your bikini.

For your bikini bottom, you can use two connectors on both sides. To make sure it fits perfectly and none of it is too tight or loose, put it on a mannequin. Use the same technique to attach the rhinestone bikini connectors to your bikini top – either on the back or front of the straps. You can sew it by hand or use a sewing machine – but make sure it’s well sewn, so they don’t loosen in public!

And the final step is – put on your brand new bikini and outshine everyone on the beach or your pageant competitors. It’s time to show off your uniqueness and express yourself!

Flat Back Rhinestones: How Are They Made And What Are They Used For?

flat-back-rhinestonesThe rhinestones are actually an imitation of the luxuriously polished gemstones. Many centuries ago, people found sparkling quartz pebbles on the Rhine River’s banks. These pebbles also contained high levels of lead. These naturally beautiful stones were the starting point that inspired many jewelers to make an imitation and call it a “rhinestone” – and that’s where these highly popular hot fix crystals come from.

Flat back rhinestones’ back side is flat as the name itself suggests and it has a special type of foil which is reflective and increases the brilliance of the hot fix rhinestones. Even though these rhinestones can be applied on the surface with the help of some metal settings which secure the crystals to the fabric, the most popular and easiest way of applying them is with glue.

Many people don’t know the difference between flat back rhinestones and hot fix rhinestones and they think it’s the same thing. They actually look the same, but the difference is in the already applied glue to the hot fix stones’ back side. While using the first type means adding glue to its flat side, the second stones already have that, so the only thing you need to do is use heat to fix it.

These rhinestones are not recommended to be applied with an iron, only with an adhesive glue like “E600” or “Gem-Tac”. The glues are permanent and work great with different kinds of fabrics. If you plan on using an iron, then you’ll need hot fix stones, and if you have flat back rhinestones, then use a permanent glue.

When applying the rhinestones, always make sure to first have the design set and ready, and then go on with the glue. You can either apply the glue on the back surface of the flat back rhinestones or you can apply it directly on the material and then apply the rhinestones one by one.

Nowadays, rhinestones are made from glass, crystal or plastic acrylic, have different names like strass, paste, crystal or diamante and are produced in the Czech Republic, some parts in Asia, Austria and Germany.

Flat back stones can be used for decorating all sorts of things. Their multi-purpose functionality can easily become your new obsession. Whether you have an artistic tendency or just love personalizing your clothes, these stones can be your number one tool of expressing yourself. You can use it for DIY projects, decorating your favorite piece of clothing, making custom jewelry for unique look and decorating accessories (such as mobile cases, clutches and purses).

You can even buy it for home redecorating purposes – there’s no harm in adding some shiny little details in your home. You will be surprised how good these stones can look on your old sofa pillow covers!

There are no limits in using these lovely little stones – just let your imagination take you places and who knows – you might become a real pro in crafting beautiful pieces that everyone would love to buy and have!

Why Wearing Rhinestone Bikini Connectors is Worthwhile?

Have you been considering adding rhinestone bikini connectors to your competition suit? If you compete in bikini contests, swimsuit pageants, or bikini division fitness competitions you need to check out bikini connectors! These sparkling accessories add glitz and glamor to your suit, perfect for catching the judge’s eye and helping you get a perfect 10!

Rhinestone connectors are a strand or strands of rhinestones that can be used on bikini tops around the neck and middle, or around the hips of bikini bottoms.  Bikini connectors are extremely customizable. They come in a huge variety of sizes, colors, and types of crystals, so you can find the perfect set to match your style.

Judges love when bikinis catch the stage lights and create a stunning look! Everyone’s eyes will be drawn to you when you wear these rhinestones. Rhinestones have a natural sparkle, which is perfect for stage lights, but still looks wonderful in natural light. Wearing a fabulous bikini, will make you feel amazing on the inside as well as on the outside. Being in a competition is stressful enough, but be confident in your custom bikini with rhinestone connectors! These rhinestones will truly help you beat all the competition – or just help turn heads when you sit by the pool!

That’s right, bikini connectors aren’t just for competition suits, they’re a great addition to any sunbathing suit.  Perfect for tanning, all your friends will be impressed with your sparkling suit. You should not, however, wear connectors in the pool or ocean, as the salt and chlorine can damage the beautiful luster.

Be sure to shop for durable and sturdy connectors, using the ultimate glamorous stones. There is a big difference in quality in different types of connectors. The best bikini rhinestone connectors go through several steps of perfection in the production process, and then are carefully scanned to ensure quality adherence.

sparkling-rhinestone-connectors1If you own a business making custom bikinis, or just enjoy making your own, it is recommended that you purchase bikini connectors wholesale. Shopping in bulk helps you save on shipping, and you can stock up on many varieties at once!  This also saves time, as you won’t need to wait for new connectors to come in before you begin working on a new suit.

Bikini connectors can be simple or very complex. The most basic option is a one or two row connector. This simple strand of rhinestones can be used to connect the bikini top or bottoms.  If you just want a little bit of bling, or you already have a busy pattern on your suit, these bikini rhinestone connectors are perfect.

If you really want to make a statement, consider adding hanging connectors. With even the slightest movement, these connectors sway and shimmer to create a truly astonishing sight. Hanging connectors have up to seven strands of rhinestones, and look best on the hips of bikini bottoms. These dazzling jewels brilliantly catch the light, making you a walking chandelier!

Rhinestone connectors are definitely worthwhile in the tough world of bikini competitions. Try some on your next competition suit and go for the gold!

You Probably Had These 4 Questions While Beading

Some jewelry enthusiasts’ start beading the easy way, they just go to the store, buy whatever looks good for them, go home and start with it. But, others have so many questions before even buying the beads, and many more after they start beading and stuck in the middle of it. The Internet is a proof that these questions exist and people would like to know the answers and be well prepared.

Plastic or Glass? 
First thing everyone has doubts about is the shape of the beads and what type of beads should they be working with – whether plastic beads or glass beads. There are no rules for this whatsoever, it is just a matter of personal preference. If you are going for the ‘glamorous look’, we suggest that you use glass beads, as they have shiny brilliance and will give your finished product an expensive touch. Plastic beads can also do the job, but are more suitable for the ‘casual look’.

Shape and Size?
As for the shape, anything you can imagine as a shape can be found as beads shape. Some of the most popular are: square beads, rocaille beads, long beads, flowers, ovals, buttons, celestials, squares, faces, drops etc. However, shape is not that big of an issue for most beading lovers. But, the fit of the beads on the yarn or the material you are using for threading the beads can be a bit delicate. It’s a tricky thing to choose the right bead size and have the beads stay put but also to move lightly along the material or the yarn so that a bead does not travel quickly and move to an unwanted position. It is not that big of a deal if you try hard to learn it – after beading several items, it will eventually become an easy task for you.

How to Choose the Right Clasp?
When all is done, clasps are another thing that confuses people how to choose the right size. Remember, the clasp is supposed to be proportionate to the weight and the size of the beads used for that project. Take as an example, one big, chunky necklace – this necklace will definitely need a bigger clasp, since small ones won’t hold the weight. It goes the opposite way as well, you can’t have a big clasp for a piece of jewelry that is small and light.

Should I use a Beading Board?
The bead board is yet another thing some get confused about and wonder do they really need it or not. This is a tool that you need in your collection of beading tools for getting great results. The bead board is actually a plastic tray which comes in various colors and sizes and you use it as a tool for creating your design, taking measures, lengths before any of the real work is done so that you can have all the exact measurements and designs. So, yes, using a beading board is a pretty smart move.

Extra Tip:
When working on a necklace and beading the beads on a cord, many have said that they can’t find the right bead that have a large hole that will fit right with their string. There are not beads that can fit right with a cord that is 1mm or even larger than that, but there are plenty of options that can be used. That’s where the glass beads come in, they can accommodate with different types and sizes of cords.

We hope this helps! Happy beading, everyone!

Interesting Facts about Hot Fix Rhinestone Beads

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but rhinestones are the sidekick that always comes to her rescue. Named after the Rhine River in Austria, these man-made gemstones have found its way into fashion and the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts.

Rhinestones are diamond imitation made from rock crystals or crystal glass. Thanks to their hotfix-rhinestone-3-30-16-01sparkle and brilliance they are in high demand, and famous brands in Europe produce them to be used on wedding gowns, dresses, costumes and jewelry.

Hot fix rhinestones, also known as heat transfer rhinestones are often used on apparel and accessories, but can also be seen decorating gadgets, nails and even teeth. They come in a variety of colors and can be easily attached to surfaces and fabrics using glue or heat. Flat-back rhinestones are simple to glue on any surface. The glue backing, when heated, melts fixing the stone onto the fabric.
Rhinestone connectors and rhinestone chain connectors are very popular among crafters because they can be easily ironed onto a fabric using a home iron, a heat press or a hot fix applicator. Even though you can use an iron, it might be better to use a hot fix applicator to mount rhinestone with more precision and firmness. Our wholesale rhinestone connectors come in variety of shapes, sizes and designs, and what’s best at an affordable price, so you can find the best one for your clothing’s fabric or style.


Fun facts about rhinestones

  • Austria and the Czech Republic are the major fine rhinestone producers. The Austrian Swarovski and the Czech Preciosa luxury brands are prized for their superior quality and brilliance.
  • Interestingly enough, rhinestones can also be referred to as paste, strass, or diamente.
  • In 1775, George Frederic Stras started making brilliant rhinestones by hand. Although he marked them as “the poor man’s diamond”, they were still costly due to the production method.
  • In 1892, Daniel Swarovski invented a machine that could cut rhinestones. This marked the beginning of mass production of rhinestones and made them very affordable.
  • Swarovski is to this day the largest manufacturer and exporter of rhinestones.

How to Care For Your Rhinestone Clothes

If you have applied rhinestones on your clothes from our selection of wholesale rhinestone connectors, you need to make sure that you are taking good care of them so that they stay glued as long as possible. You need to wash carefully all your rhinestone-decorated clothes, by reversing them before washing in order to avoid rhinestones from rubbing against each other or other pieces of clothing. Remember not to wash them in hot water as it could soften the glue, making the rhinestones come off.

If you are a fan of tumble-drying, there won’t be any action for your rhinestone-embellished garments or bikini rhinestone connectors, as even a low-heat setting might soften the glue and the hotfix-rhinestone-3-30-16rhinestones could fall off. Also, note that dry cleaning is not the best option for your clothes with hot fix rhinestones or your bikini with bikini rhinestone connectors.

Rhinestone chain connector’s work differently with different types of fabric and garments and results can vary. Rhinestones work best with casual cotton shirts and T-shirts and last on them the longest.

There’s a test that you can do if you want to check how well hot fix rhinestones will attach to a fabric – the water test. Put a drop of water on the surface that you want to use and if the drop seeps through the fabric, then hot fixing will work great. If the drop of water stays on the surface and does not seep through, hot fixing will work but there’s no guarantee for its durability. If you’re thinking of rhinestones on a rubber, metal or plastic surface, then you should probably glue the rhinestones instead of hot fixing them. If both hot fixing and gluing the rhinestones don’t work, then you can always consider the option of sewing them onto the material.

Tips on How to Choose Quality Cheap Bead Chain Necklace

BeadingNecklace3Beaded chain is part of many different types of jewelry and is something that you are already familiar with and have seen it on many things, from necklaces and bracelets to key chains.

When buying a beaded chain necklace, don’t worry too much about the money. Also, don’t think that spending a lot means you’ll get a quality piece and buying it for a cheap price will mean the opposite. Many sellers sell products that are hand-made and unique and don’t cost that much money. Besides the different styles and types of bead chain necklace that you can find, you can also buy only the chain and then create your own jewelry.

There are some fashionable tips that you can follow in order to be on trend with your bead chain necklace. You can choose small, delicate chains and then layer them in 2 or 3 layers. This will up your necklace game in a second. Also, gold and rose gold are trendier than silver, but still make sure to match it to your clothes for best appearance.

Rosary bead necklace is another type of these necklaces that looks great on its own, but also layered with some other dainty necklaces. If you want your necklace to have some charms, be careful in choosing the right amount of charms and carefully align them 1/4″ away from each other, in the area of the necklace that will fall to the center.

The price range for these necklaces varies, but you’ll definitely find something in your desired price range. You can find just the chain and other material needed for making your unique necklace, if you feel like a crafty person.

In general, these types of necklaces are not so expensive, so whichever you choose, you won’t need to spend a lot of money. The ones that can be more expensive for you are usually the ones sold by popular brands. But, you can spend less money and still have a quality necklace.

In general, these types of necklaces are not so expensive, so whichever you choose, you won’t need to spend a lot of money. The ones that can be more expensive for you are usually the ones sold by popular brands. But, you can spend less money and still have a quality necklace.

Why Does Grandma Like Czech Glass Beads Best of All?

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your grandma, we have found the perfect solution. Everyone loves Czech glass beads, especially grandmas. They love the beautiful simplicity of these beautiful glass beads. Czech beads make stylish jewelry, and they also can embellish any piece of clothing or fabric.

Pressed Czech Glass Beads are still made in small quantities by hand. We work with the finest vendors and have the most consistent, beautiful glass beads available. Due to the way the glass is made, there may be slight color variation from one bead batch to the next. These beads are a great and creative way to add a special touch to your projects or products! The sheer amount of shapes are enough to service all your needs. Mix and match different shape pressed beads to create something fabulous! Czech Pressed glass beads are available in so many different fun and casual shapes such as angel wings, cat faces, and shamrocks.

Grandmas love Czech beads because they are affordable. Glass beads can achieve the look of pearls or crystal beads but for a much lower price, which makes them affordable to all. If you purchase wholesale Czech glass beads, the savings are truly unbelievable. Not only do you save on shipping, you also get a wide variety of glass beads for less! Everyone loves a good deal, especially on craft beads.

Czech Glass BeadsGlass beads look great in a variety of projects, including jewelry and clothing. Transparent glass beads brilliantly enhance light for a luxurious look. The wide range of colors makes wholesale glass beads perfect for any project, for any person. Bright and bold glass beads can make a statement, while earth toned glass beads are great for everyday.

Creating dangly earrings with glass beads is one of the easiest way to show off these beads’ beauty. Stretchy glass bead bracelets are fashionable for kids and adults alike. Beaded necklaces can be made with a whole string of glass beads, or as a pendant necklace to feature a few large glass beads as a focal point. Glass bead necklaces make a great gift for your grandma.

If you prefer to use glass beads on a different project, try sewing with them! Sewing with glass beads is a great way to embellish your wardrobe or create beaded pillows, fringed lampshades, and other decorative crafts. Beading on fabric is easier than you might think, and is a great way to use loose glass beads. You can create a pattern as intricate or as simple as you like, but all you need is to learn a few simple skills.  You can sew the beads directly on to the garment, or make an applique to attach separately.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to Czech glass beads. Get creative and come up with a fun original project with these crystal beads. Try making a necklace or bracelet for your grandma – she’ll love the beauty of the beads and that it came from the heart!

How to Make a Cute Necklace Out Of Linked Bead Chains

Everyone loves wearing necklaces made from beautiful Czech glass beads, and with the beaded chain, it’s even easier to rock this fashion trend! Stock up on wholesale bead chains today and revolutionize your jewelry collection with new necklaces galore. No matter your age, you can always accessorize with a bead chain necklace.linked bead chain12

Before you create any beaded chain necklaces, you have to select your chains. This may take longer than expected, because there are so many combinations of color, bead material, chain color, and chain type. You can find these chains with Czech crystal beads, fire polished beads, pearl beads, druk beads, faceted gemstones, and table cut glass beads. Any type of glass bead can be found pre-linked into a chain, sold in bulk.

Each type of bead also comes in a different cut, of which there are dozens of options. If you really can’t decide, select a mixed chain, featuring beads of different sizes and shapes. Each length of bead chain also comes in various sizes of beads. Smaller beads create dainty jewelry, and larger beads look great on statement necklaces.

Now it’s time to select a bead color. You can find linked bead chain in every color of the rainbow. If you’ve found a favorite style or size of bead chain, it is advised to buy strands in many different colors so you’re prepared for any jewelry project. For a beginning beader, purchase a selection of beaded chains in the same color family, such as a variety of green and blue strands. This makes it easy to create coordinating jewelry that still gives you freedom to be creative!

If you prefer a short necklace with a clasp, just measure and cut the necklace length and attach a simple jewelry clasp with jewelry pliers. This is perfect for a short everyday necklace in a neutral color.  Experiment with different lengths before you find your perfect necklace. If you like the layered look, wear multiple strands at once, or use a larger jump chain to attach the chains together! Make them all the same length, or a mix of longer and shorter chains for a beautiful work of art.

The easiest linked bead chain necklace is just a single strand, called an infinity necklace. The endless necklace slips over your head and has no visible beginning or ending. It’s a timeless classic that’s back in style! Measure a strand that’s long enough to slip over your head and cut with jewelry pliers. Use a jump chain to attach one end to the other and you’re done! This simple beaded chain necklace is great for those who don’t want to deal with clasps, like children or those who have trouble with their fingers. Not only is this necklace easy to make, it’s even easier to wear! Make a few in different colors for easy accessorizing for any occasion.

Get the designer look for less by making your own bead chain necklace. These simple necklaces look beautiful in any color or style. Try making a cute necklace out of linked bead chain today.