How Well Do You Know Your Beading Skills? Take This Quiz To Find Out!



Creating your own personal jewelry is really fun and it can become an addictive hobby. There is something very special knowing that you get to wear something you designed and created from scratch.

When it comes to beading,the problem with some people is that they don’t know where to start or they get confused with the many different types beads like: seed beads, czech glass beads and many many more.

If you are one of those people, we recommend you take this quiz and see how well do you know your beading skills.

What type of jewelry interests you most?quiz

  • beaded jewelry
  • simple looks
  • personalized jewelry
  • jewelry made of leather, glass, clay or some other material
  1. Which of these skills is your best one?
  • opening and closing jump rings
  • forming simple wire loops
  • creating unique designs
  • all of the above
  1. Which are your favorite tools for beading projects?
  • wire cutters
  • pliers
  • metal stamps
  • scissors
  1. Which the following terms is unknown to you?
  • head pin
  • eye pin
  • 12-gauge wire thicker
  • 20-gauge wire thicker
  1. Which supplies do you work with most?
  • 4 mm beads
  • czech beads
  • wholesale seed beads
  • wood beads
  1. Where do you work on your beading projects?
  • I have a work space dedicated to my beading work.
  • I have random beading supplies everywhere my house.
  • There is one table in my room that is reserved only for beading projects
  • I have a place outside of my home bought especially for my beading projects
  1. Where do you find your inspiration?
  • Pinterest
  • blogs on beading
  • Crafts
  • Etsy
  1. Where did you learn how to bead?
  • I did it on my own.
  • I took a class.
  • I took classes with a personal instructor.
  • My mother, grandmother taught me.
  1. What’s the most annoying thing for you when it comes to beading?
  • Starting the projects.
  • Not having enough space for the work.
  • Not having enough time for dedicating to the beading.
  • failing and getting discouraged
  1. Do you like experimenting with new stuff?
  • Yes, the pieces that come up from experimenting are always the best ones
  • No, I don’t like trying new things, I always want to go with what I know best
  • Only when I work on projects that are just for me
  • I’ve tried, but I didn’t like the final result

Did these questions make you start thinking about what can you do to improve your beading skills? Were your answers as you expected or you realized there is always something new that should be learned? If you have spent a lot of time on just one type of work, and one type of skill, then maybe it’s time to try and learn some new technique and see how it goes from there. Good luck!

What Actually Happens When You Put Plastic in a Microwave

Have you ever accidentally put plastic beads in a microwave? It can be a very messy accident. Most plastic beads, like pony beads, do not like high heat. If one of these beads ends up in the microwave for too long, not only will you have ruined beads, but also a ruined microwave.

Plastic easily melts in high heat, especially the microwave. After just a few minutes, your plastic beads will turn to a flat puddle of plastic. The heat melts the beads, and then they all fuse together. Before you get sad, there are actually many crafts you can make by melting beads! You can create your own sun catcher or hanging mobile with just an oven, some plastic beads, and a pie tin or muffin tin. Here’s how you can do it.microwaveonfire

First, gather your beads and pans. You can also use some string and wire. The easiest way to start is to fill the bottom of each muffin tin with a variety of plastic pony beads. They can be in a design, like a star, a pattern, or just a random mix of colors. Either way, it will turn out beautiful. If you want to go a little bigger, you can also cover the bottom of a cake or pie tin. This can also be done with a set design, or just freestyle colors. Try stringing the beads on thread or wire and laying it in the pie tin for some artistic experimentation.

You could spend a whole afternoon trying out different designs and patterns for your beads. Once you’ve settled on a design, turn on your gas grill or your oven to high, or 400 degrees. Put the pan with the beads in the grill or oven, for 5 minutes in the grill or 20 minutes in the oven. During this time, the plastic beads will begin to melt and fuse together.

Once the time is up, take the pans out and wait for it to cool. You will see how the beads have melted into a flat pancake. Once your beaded creation has cooled, pop it out of the tin and it’s ready! Look at the beautiful design you have created, and try holding it up to the light to see the sun come through the colorful beads. You can do all kinds of things with these creations. Drill a hole in them, thread some ribbon through them, and hang on a porch for a beautiful suncatcher you can enjoy all year long. With the smaller muffin tin beads, you can drill a small hole in each, and hang them as a mobile for a child or baby.

While beads will melt in the microwave, you can actually create a thing of beauty with them! Try experimenting with this fun and easy craft.

6 Things To Do Before School Starts Again


School is going to be here before you know it, but there are still some things that can be accomplished! Get your family ready to go back to school with some fun crafts. These are great for the whole family to make together, or just the kids and their friends. Enjoy your last few days of quality time with these crafts!

Creating custom magnets for lockers or hanging up artwork on the fridge with fun bottle cap magnets! Collect bottle caps or ask neighbors for any extras lying around. Let your child decorate them with paint, stickers, and rhinestones. Then, use a hot glue gun to attach a small magnet to the back. Voila! A fun craft that easy for kids of all ages to make, and it’s low-cost!

Your kids will love bringing lunch from home with a fun tie-dye lunch bag! Purchase plain white lunch bags at a craft store or online. Then, start tie-dyeing! Make sure you do it in the back yard so there’s no mess. And use a machine-washable dye so you can throw the lunch bags in the wash after a spill.

DY keychains are easy to make – and fun too! A custom keychain lets your child show personality with their backpack or house keys. Decorate an existing keychain, or make one yourself. Keychains can be made with fabric, a favorite charm, or a plastic keychain.

Turn a plain schoolbag from drab to fab with rhinestones! Hot fix rhinestones can be used to customize any backpack or messenger bag into a one-of-a-kind piece of art! Purchase hot fix crystals or flat back rhinestones in your child’s favorite color, then get sparkling! Rhinestones can be attached freehand, or with a pattern. Use a hotfix tool to attach the pre-glued rhinestones, and you’ll have a beautiful new bag in just a few hours!

Do your kids love washi tape? Use their favorite designs to spruce up some plain pencils! Pick up decorative washi tape at a craft store or online, then a box of plain pencils. Wrap the tape around the pencils for a fun new writing tool your kids will love to show off! The tape comes in dozens of different colors and designs so any child can find a pattern they like.

Once you’ve decorated your pencil, create a pencil topper using a pipe cleaner! Wrap the pipe cleaner around the pencil, then move it to the top to create a spiraling topper! Attach a foam sticker, or glue a paper shape to the top for added fun.

Get your kids ready for school with any of these fun DIY projects.

Traveling in Your Vehicle CAN Be Comfortable!

drivingHave you ever been in the middle of a long commute, wishing your car was more comfortable and fashionable? You spend a lot of time in your car – you want it to match your personality! While you an buy some of these projects at a store, they often won’t have the colors and designs that fit you. There are many DIY projects that can be done in an afternoon to make the interior of your car more interesting and more functional. Try one or all of these crafts to decorate your vehicle!

Bedazzled Car Interior
Jazz up your radio and center console with some rhinestones! Using glue and Swarovski rhinestones in your favorite colors you can create any design you please. Rhinestones can be added to anywhere inside the car, including the rearview mirror, shift, and vanity mirror. Rhinestones add a little sparkle and personality to your car. And if one falls off, just glue another back on!

Steering Wheel Cover
For a more comfortable drive create a DIY cushioned steering wheel cover! These can be made of fabric, yarn, or just covered in fashion duct tape. If you’re not very confident in your crafting skills, you can purchase a premade steering wheel cover and customize it. These covers can also keep the wheel cool when under the direct sunlight. A custom steering wheel cover sets your car about and gives you a comfortable grip on long drives.

Back of Seat Organizer
Cars never seem to have enough storage. For families with kids, toys and snacks can end up all over the back seat. Make some quick back of seat organizers to keep everything in order. All you need is fabric in your favorite color or pattern and a sewing machine. You can choose fabric to match your car’s interior, or your kids’ favorite patterns or characters! There are many tutorials online to learn how to make a stylish and functional back seat organizer to keep your car clean and tidy.

Hanging Bead Chain
Place a favorite pendant or rosary on your rearview mirror! Make a beautiful linked bead chain to reflect the light and create a beautiful swinging effect while you drive. These beaded chains are quite simple to make once you purchase wire and glass beads. A necklace bead chain is an elegant way to personalize your car and make your ride more pleasant.

With these projects, it’s easy to make your car feel more comfortable – and like you!

Thinking about decorating?

closet-shelvesIf you are thinking about a decorating project in your home, why not consider decorating your closets? Closets and closet shelves can be a dull place, so maybe it’s time to change that. The following simple decorating ideas will help you fall in love with this space. What’s more, it will become an inviting and eye pleasing place in your home, without losing its functionality.

The first thing you can consider is adding an eye catching wallpaper on the closet doors or to the back of the shelves. Doing this, or even adding a little bit of paper to the back can look really lovely and warm. You can choose your favorite color, a color that will match the rest of the room or if you’re bold, choose a multi-colored one to make the space look more playful. Another option would be a paper with your favorite shapes.

A second possibility would be to paint the shelves. If you are good with paint, you can also use stencils to create your favorite designs while painting. If the room is neutral, you can try different colors for the shelves.

Another great idea for decorating your closet shelves is adding a personal touch: add special photos of you and your loved ones and of the places you have traveled to; put your most favorite books on some of the shelves; also, why not consider showcasing your jewelry?

If you choose showcasing your jewelry, it’s a great way to keep it organized, but also making your closet space more beautiful. There are many cool jewelry display ideas, but in order to use it as a decor on a closet shelf we recommend making a jewelry board. You can buy a bulletin board at a craft store and paint it. Then put push pins on which you can hang your jewelry. You can use the board for displaying necklaces only for instance. If you happen to make bead chain necklaces and you have your own unique collection, why not showcase them? This way, when you invite people over, they will see how nicely your closet is decorated, but they will notice your bead chain necklaces as well. If you organize the necklaces on the board, put the longer ones on the top and the shorter ones on the bottom. You can choose to place the jewelry board where it best fits on the shelves.

Besides, if you are a fan of beaded chains, they can serve as the perfect ornaments. You can make linked bead chains in colors that match the space and put them around the closet door handle. Without putting too much effort, you will have a playful wardrobe.

We hope these ideas inspire you to start decorating your closet and closet shelves right away!

I Wasn’t Able To Get It Right Until I Found This

If you are new to beading, all the different tools and materials may seem confusing. With so many different projects that can be made with beads, it’s difficult to determine which tools you need. Many beaders struggle with making great jewelry when they are trying to figure out what beading tools to use. Discovering the right tools and realizing when to use them will make your beading so much easier. Here is a quick guide to basic beading tools and when you will need to use them.totally-tools

Chain Nose Pliers

The chain nose pliers will be your main ‘go to’ beading tool, the first you reach for and last to put down.  This will be your most used basic jewelers tool in your starter beading kit. It will be like a second set of hands as you progress through learning the beading techniques and will become the foundation of all your tools. You only need one pair to start, but as you build your beading toolkit, you will want to invest in a few pairs of different sizes.

Don’t confuse chain nose pliers with other beading pliers. If you look closely, you will see that the chain nose pliers have a tapered nose that narrows to a fine tip. These are also similar to household pliers, but you must buy ones that are specific for jewelry. Don’t go to the hardware store to buy chain nose pliers!

Round Nose Pliers

The round nose pliers have a strong resemblance to the chain nose pliers but they are quite different. The round nose pliers nose is completely round intended make loops, circles, curves and soft edges when using sculpting wire. They are perfect for making earrings, charms, pendants, or other pieces that require small loops.

Wire Cutters

The wire cutters are used to cut the stringing materials for your beading projects. Make sure you use a strong enough pair of wire cutters for each type of wire. The thicker the gauge of wire, the stronger the wire cutter needed.

After purchasing these three basic beading tools, your beading will improve drastically.  Having the right beading tools will allow you to create beautiful projects in just a few hours! All your friends will want to know how you created such a masterpiece – one that looks like it came from a store! Buy these bead tools wholesale for a great deal on high quality tools. Don’t buy cheap tools that break easily, make an investment and you’ll be beading your whole life.

Questions that are Constantly Asked

Being able to craft your own custom jewelry or decorate items in your home is a great skill. Beading is one of the most popular methods to make unique designs and in a way, personalize your everyday life.

Before starting to craft with glass beads, people often have tons of questions in their minds. So, in order to address some of those concerns, we have created a list of the most common doubts beaders have. If you found yourself wondering about anything related to beading in recent times, keep reading this article.

  1. How do I select the size of a clasp?beading_board

The size of the clasp should always be in proportion to the size and weight of the pieces used to create the item (necklace or bracelet). For instance, a massive necklace will look ridiculous with a small clasp. Moreover, the clasp might even not be strong enough to hold the beads and will eventually fall apart. Also, if you put a heavy clasp on a small piece, it will have a tendency to fall to the front of the necklace. You don’t want to wear a necklace that will need to be ‘fixed’ constantly, do you?

  1. I can’t get the wire through some of the stones I just bought.

Stone beads can sometimes have a hole that is slightly off its center. Try to enlarge the hole with a bead reamer, if possible. If the wire can go through it now, great. If not, try using a thinner wire.

  1. Do I need a bead board to be successful in beading?

A bead board is one of the wide range of tools you can use for crafting beautiful items out of beads. These tools can come in different shapes and sizes (but usually plastic) and may help you in making your designs and measure the length of your pieces.

  1. How to buy wholesale beads online?

Whether you are after a bulk of Czech crystal beads or any other type of gems, you have to know couple of rules for shopping wholesale stones.

  • read the product descriptions – if the wording is uncertain, you’re probably looking at cheap, low-end czech beads
  • expensive doesn’t necessarily mean quality
  • determine the exact size of beads you need, and make sure you order it right. Don’t trust online images – stones might look bigger in pictures, but be small in reality, and vice versa
  • stay away from purchases based on blurry images – low-quality images often offer low-end products
  • place small orders to ensure of the quality that a new store sells – don’t rush in purchasing tons of beads from a new place

We hope this list managed to give answers to some of your questions regarding your beading adventures. Remember – take your time in learning few skills, choose carefully when buying and let your creative skills come to the surface.

Will Glass Beads be Part of Your life Story?


Glass beads are a crafter’s dream; extremely versatile, beautiful, and affordable, they can be used in almost any crafting project. Though your mind might immediately go to beaded jewelry, there are many other options for working with glass beads. Looking to get inspired? Read on for some ideas to use up your loose Czech glass beads.

If you are looking for a project to make with Czech pressed glass beads, customizing clothes is a great choice! You can embroider any piece of fabric, whether it’s a shirt, jacket, or dress. Sewing with glass beads is a great way to embellish your wardrobe. Create appliques that are then attached to your clothing, or embroider the beads right onto the fabric! Seed beads are perfect for this project, but other glass beads can be used as well.

Home Décor
Every home could use a few more beads! A fun, vintage choice to decorate with beads is to create a beaded curtain! This is a great DIY project to use up loose glass beads. All you need is durable string, a hanging rod, and many beautiful beads! Just string them on, either with a pattern or randomly, attach to the rod and hang! Place in a doorway or over a window, an especially beautiful choice with transparent glass beads.

You can also create a custom beaded chandelier! Either drape a string of beads on an existing chandelier, or attach them to the top and sides for an artistic look! You can use any color bead, and consider painting the chandelier to match your bead color scheme.

Lamp shades are an unexpected place to add beads – a little beaded fringe will create a stunning rainbow of light. Either make many short strands of beads and attach them to the bottom of the shade, or create one long strand and drape it along the bottom. Both techniques create a beautiful and unique work of art!

Fashion Accessories
Whether it’s a headband, purse, belt, or other accessory, a little bit of beads can go a long way. Attach beads to an existing headband or barrette for some added sparkle. You can even arrange the beads in a pattern of flowers, stars, or even someone’s name! The same can be done with a beaded purse. Embroider the beads right on to the bag for a unique fashion piece all your friends will want. Beads can truly be used on any accessory, including a belt, shoes, wallet, and more!

Go crazy with Czech glass beads and create something beautiful! Once you start working, you may surprise yourself by what you make.


You Probably Had These 4 Questions While Beading

Some jewelry enthusiasts’ start beading the easy way, they just go to the store, buy whatever looks good for them, go home and start with it. But, others have so many questions before even buying the beads, and many more after they start beading and stuck in the middle of it. The Internet is a proof that these questions exist and people would like to know the answers and be well prepared.

Plastic or Glass? 
First thing everyone has doubts about is the shape of the beads and what type of beads should they be working with – whether plastic beads or glass beads. There are no rules for this whatsoever, it is just a matter of personal preference. If you are going for the ‘glamorous look’, we suggest that you use glass beads, as they have shiny brilliance and will give your finished product an expensive touch. Plastic beads can also do the job, but are more suitable for the ‘casual look’.

Shape and Size?
As for the shape, anything you can imagine as a shape can be found as beads shape. Some of the most popular are: square beads, rocaille beads, long beads, flowers, ovals, buttons, celestials, squares, faces, drops etc. However, shape is not that big of an issue for most beading lovers. But, the fit of the beads on the yarn or the material you are using for threading the beads can be a bit delicate. It’s a tricky thing to choose the right bead size and have the beads stay put but also to move lightly along the material or the yarn so that a bead does not travel quickly and move to an unwanted position. It is not that big of a deal if you try hard to learn it – after beading several items, it will eventually become an easy task for you.

How to Choose the Right Clasp?
When all is done, clasps are another thing that confuses people how to choose the right size. Remember, the clasp is supposed to be proportionate to the weight and the size of the beads used for that project. Take as an example, one big, chunky necklace – this necklace will definitely need a bigger clasp, since small ones won’t hold the weight. It goes the opposite way as well, you can’t have a big clasp for a piece of jewelry that is small and light.

Should I use a Beading Board?
The bead board is yet another thing some get confused about and wonder do they really need it or not. This is a tool that you need in your collection of beading tools for getting great results. The bead board is actually a plastic tray which comes in various colors and sizes and you use it as a tool for creating your design, taking measures, lengths before any of the real work is done so that you can have all the exact measurements and designs. So, yes, using a beading board is a pretty smart move.

Extra Tip:
When working on a necklace and beading the beads on a cord, many have said that they can’t find the right bead that have a large hole that will fit right with their string. There are not beads that can fit right with a cord that is 1mm or even larger than that, but there are plenty of options that can be used. That’s where the glass beads come in, they can accommodate with different types and sizes of cords.

We hope this helps! Happy beading, everyone!

Making a Christmas Bauble with Rhinestone Beads

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to deck the halls! When the holidays roll around, it can be difficult to find the perfect decorations at the perfect price. Making DIY Christmas ornaments is a great way to decorate your home with custom ornaments at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Buying wholesale ornament making supplies are often much cheaper than purchasing ready-made ornaments. Making homemade Christmas ornaments means you can personalize your décor with your favorite colors, your monogram, or other custom designs.

An easy Christmas ornament is a Christmas bauble made with rhinestone beads. This project is easy to make and can be completed in an afternoon! The best part they are completely customizable so you can create your ideal DIY Christmas ornament. A homemade Christmas bauble is also a great gift to give for the holidays, and you can customize it for each recipient!


The materials needed for this handmade Christmas ornament are very easy to find. To start, select a plain glass or plastic ball ornament. Plastic is a good choice if you are working with children, while glass has a more luxurious feel. You can purchase Christmas ornaments that are clear, transparent, or any color of the rainbow.

Once you have your ornament, it’s time to select your rhinestones. Choosing rhinestones in varying colors and sizes can create a beautiful design for your homemade Christmas ornament, or a large group of identical rhinestones. You can pick up paint pens, acrylic paint, or glitter to complete your design. Don’t forget the glue to affix your rhinestones.

Once you have your materials, it’s time to make your ornament! An easy way to decorate your homemade rhinestone ornament is to use a plain blue ornament, white rhinestones, and white paint or glitter glue. Attach the rhinestones to the ornament in a snowflake shape, and use the glitter glue or paint to add detail.

Rhinestones can also be made into designs of initials, trees, or simple designs like stripes and polka dots. Your imagination is the limit with DIY Christmas ornaments!

Make one or make 100 and decorate your entire tree with homemade Christmas ornaments.

When making your ornament, it may be helpful to lightly mark with a pencil or pen where you want to attach your rhinestones. When applying the glue, it’s important not to use too much, or the glue will ooze out the sides and ruin your design! As in all crafts, taking your time and having attention to detail will guarantee a beautiful finished product.