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Questions that are Constantly Asked

Being able to craft your own custom jewelry or decorate items in your home is a great skill. Beading is one of the most popular methods to make unique designs and in a way, personalize your everyday life.

Before starting to craft with glass beads, people often have tons of questions in their minds. So, in order to address some of those concerns, we have created a list of the most common doubts beaders have. If you found yourself wondering about anything related to beading in recent times, keep reading this article.

  1. How do I select the size of a clasp?beading_board

The size of the clasp should always be in proportion to the size and weight of the pieces used to create the item (necklace or bracelet). For instance, a massive necklace will look ridiculous with a small clasp. Moreover, the clasp might even not be strong enough to hold the beads and will eventually fall apart. Also, if you put a heavy clasp on a small piece, it will have a tendency to fall to the front of the necklace. You don’t want to wear a necklace that will need to be ‘fixed’ constantly, do you?

  1. I can’t get the wire through some of the stones I just bought.

Stone beads can sometimes have a hole that is slightly off its center. Try to enlarge the hole with a bead reamer, if possible. If the wire can go through it now, great. If not, try using a thinner wire.

  1. Do I need a bead board to be successful in beading?

A bead board is one of the wide range of tools you can use for crafting beautiful items out of beads. These tools can come in different shapes and sizes (but usually plastic) and may help you in making your designs and measure the length of your pieces.

  1. How to buy wholesale beads online?

Whether you are after a bulk of Czech crystal beads or any other type of gems, you have to know couple of rules for shopping wholesale stones.

  • read the product descriptions – if the wording is uncertain, you’re probably looking at cheap, low-end czech beads
  • expensive doesn’t necessarily mean quality
  • determine the exact size of beads you need, and make sure you order it right. Don’t trust online images – stones might look bigger in pictures, but be small in reality, and vice versa
  • stay away from purchases based on blurry images – low-quality images often offer low-end products
  • place small orders to ensure of the quality that a new store sells – don’t rush in purchasing tons of beads from a new place

We hope this list managed to give answers to some of your questions regarding your beading adventures. Remember – take your time in learning few skills, choose carefully when buying and let your creative skills come to the surface.

Tips on Buying, Using and Cleaning Glass Beads


If you are new to using glass beads, there are some things you should know before you begin! Glass beads are a great choice for jewelry making, crafting, and embellishing just about anything. Glass beads come in a wide range of colors & shapes, perfect for any project.

Glass Beads Buying Tips:

  • Purchase glass beads in large quantities to save money and to guarantee you always have a large stock of glass beads. Buying wholesale glass beads is a great way to do this.
  • Pay close attention to the colors and sizes of the beads you are buying, especially if you want them to match beads you already have in your collection.
  • Buy seasonal pieces at the end of the season when they are placed on clearance and save them until the following year when they come back into season.
  • Pay attention to sales and deals, you don’t want to miss the best price!

Glass Bead Usage Tips:

  • Invest in a bead organizer so your glass beads are easy to find when you need them. Separate your beads according to size, center hole size, color, and materials. This will make it easy to determine which beads to use. Organize your tools as well so you can begin beading quickly.
  • Invest in a good source of light like a desk lamp at your crafting work space.
  • If you pour the beads out onto a slick surface they can slide off. Try placing thin cotton material over the table so that your beads will stay in place. If you use a white cotton material your beads will be easier to see than if they were spread out on a colored cloth.
  • Design the beads on the table in the order you want them before you string them to the wire. This way you can see how your design looks and change it if necessary.

Tip for Cleaning Glass Beads

  • -Before you use your glass beads, it is important to clean them to remove any dust or debris that has gathered in the hole. You can also clean your beads after years of wear, if they have gotten dirty or just need some sprucing up.
  • There are many ways to clean glass beads. You can use vinegar, warm water, or water and lemon juice.
  • A great way to clean glass beads is with denture cleaning tablet. Place the beads in a large bowl or cup, fill with water, and then drop in the cleaning tablet (or as directed).  When you are finished soaking them, use a slotted spoon and lay the beads out on a clean dry towel to air dry.

Glass beads are fun material to work with and can create the most beautiful finished projects. Experiment with glass beads today by buying wholesale beads from Mode Beads.