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Why We Love Beads (And You Should, Too!)

love-beads-aBeads and beading is one of the best hobbies out there. It’s therapeutic, can be done in a group, and has beautiful results. Beads can be used in jewelry making, affixing beads to clothes or accessories, or even to make a beaded piece of décor for your home. There are many reasons why we love beading – and why you should, too!

Beads and beading projects come in a variety of levels- from beginning projects that can be done with children, to beyond-expert. This means people of all ages and skills can practice beading together. It’s an excellent way to bond a group of people together while making jewelry and creating something beautiful.

Not only to the projects range in skill levels, they also range in style! With hundreds (yes, hundreds) of styles of beads out there, there’s something for everyone. You can create a hip and stylish jewelry project with metal or neon beads, or something more traditional with pearl beads. Find the perfect jewelry making project with your favorite beads.

Beads are always fashionable. Women and men have been wearing jewelry for hundreds of years, and this is not going out of style anytime soon. Jewelry making is a hobby that always has fashionable results, and you can keep up with the trends. Wander the aisles of your favorite store for inspiration for your next beading project.

The last reason we love beads is that they are beautiful. When making jewelry, there are so many bead options. Small and delicate seed beads can create exquisite jewelry or other beaded pieces. Agate beads make a statement on any necklace or bracelet, with the added health benefits. Crystal beads sparkle in the light and add glamour to everyday. Earthy wood beads are always beautiful, as are gemstone beads. One could spend hours browsing a bead shop or online store for the perfect beads. But the best part is, you don’t have to pick just one! The options are limitless when it comes to beads and beading, so begin today!

Gifting Homemade Jewelry

glass beadsMaking jewelry at home using whole sale jewelry supplies is a fun hobby but it can also save you money. Once you have practiced your craft you can make pieces to give friends. Considering how much jewelry costs retail, you will be glad you made it at home. Making jewelry at home also allows you to personalize it for the recipients using their favorite colors and glass beads.
You don’t need to be a master craftsperson to be able to make impressive jewelry. All you need to make a necklace are beads and wire. Just chose a pattern and get to beading, you will have something fashionable in no time. From there you can work your way up to more complex pieces like earrings or tiaras.
If you don’t think you have the creative spark or time to make jewelry you can always gift someone jewelry making supplies. It is certainly more affordable and personal than buying pre-made jewelry items. Anyone you know with a love of fashion and an independent streak will appreciate the gesture. Then maybe they will make you something special for your next birthday!
If you need some inspiration to get started look online. Many websites are devoted to home jewelry craft.