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Will Glass Beads be Part of Your life Story?


Glass beads are a crafter’s dream; extremely versatile, beautiful, and affordable, they can be used in almost any crafting project. Though your mind might immediately go to beaded jewelry, there are many other options for working with glass beads. Looking to get inspired? Read on for some ideas to use up your loose Czech glass beads.

If you are looking for a project to make with Czech pressed glass beads, customizing clothes is a great choice! You can embroider any piece of fabric, whether it’s a shirt, jacket, or dress. Sewing with glass beads is a great way to embellish your wardrobe. Create appliques that are then attached to your clothing, or embroider the beads right onto the fabric! Seed beads are perfect for this project, but other glass beads can be used as well.

Home Décor
Every home could use a few more beads! A fun, vintage choice to decorate with beads is to create a beaded curtain! This is a great DIY project to use up loose glass beads. All you need is durable string, a hanging rod, and many beautiful beads! Just string them on, either with a pattern or randomly, attach to the rod and hang! Place in a doorway or over a window, an especially beautiful choice with transparent glass beads.

You can also create a custom beaded chandelier! Either drape a string of beads on an existing chandelier, or attach them to the top and sides for an artistic look! You can use any color bead, and consider painting the chandelier to match your bead color scheme.

Lamp shades are an unexpected place to add beads – a little beaded fringe will create a stunning rainbow of light. Either make many short strands of beads and attach them to the bottom of the shade, or create one long strand and drape it along the bottom. Both techniques create a beautiful and unique work of art!

Fashion Accessories
Whether it’s a headband, purse, belt, or other accessory, a little bit of beads can go a long way. Attach beads to an existing headband or barrette for some added sparkle. You can even arrange the beads in a pattern of flowers, stars, or even someone’s name! The same can be done with a beaded purse. Embroider the beads right on to the bag for a unique fashion piece all your friends will want. Beads can truly be used on any accessory, including a belt, shoes, wallet, and more!

Go crazy with Czech glass beads and create something beautiful! Once you start working, you may surprise yourself by what you make.


You Probably Had These 4 Questions While Beading

Some jewelry enthusiasts’ start beading the easy way, they just go to the store, buy whatever looks good for them, go home and start with it. But, others have so many questions before even buying the beads, and many more after they start beading and stuck in the middle of it. The Internet is a proof that these questions exist and people would like to know the answers and be well prepared.

Plastic or Glass? 
First thing everyone has doubts about is the shape of the beads and what type of beads should they be working with – whether plastic beads or glass beads. There are no rules for this whatsoever, it is just a matter of personal preference. If you are going for the ‘glamorous look’, we suggest that you use glass beads, as they have shiny brilliance and will give your finished product an expensive touch. Plastic beads can also do the job, but are more suitable for the ‘casual look’.

Shape and Size?
As for the shape, anything you can imagine as a shape can be found as beads shape. Some of the most popular are: square beads, rocaille beads, long beads, flowers, ovals, buttons, celestials, squares, faces, drops etc. However, shape is not that big of an issue for most beading lovers. But, the fit of the beads on the yarn or the material you are using for threading the beads can be a bit delicate. It’s a tricky thing to choose the right bead size and have the beads stay put but also to move lightly along the material or the yarn so that a bead does not travel quickly and move to an unwanted position. It is not that big of a deal if you try hard to learn it – after beading several items, it will eventually become an easy task for you.

How to Choose the Right Clasp?
When all is done, clasps are another thing that confuses people how to choose the right size. Remember, the clasp is supposed to be proportionate to the weight and the size of the beads used for that project. Take as an example, one big, chunky necklace – this necklace will definitely need a bigger clasp, since small ones won’t hold the weight. It goes the opposite way as well, you can’t have a big clasp for a piece of jewelry that is small and light.

Should I use a Beading Board?
The bead board is yet another thing some get confused about and wonder do they really need it or not. This is a tool that you need in your collection of beading tools for getting great results. The bead board is actually a plastic tray which comes in various colors and sizes and you use it as a tool for creating your design, taking measures, lengths before any of the real work is done so that you can have all the exact measurements and designs. So, yes, using a beading board is a pretty smart move.

Extra Tip:
When working on a necklace and beading the beads on a cord, many have said that they can’t find the right bead that have a large hole that will fit right with their string. There are not beads that can fit right with a cord that is 1mm or even larger than that, but there are plenty of options that can be used. That’s where the glass beads come in, they can accommodate with different types and sizes of cords.

We hope this helps! Happy beading, everyone!

Why Does Grandma Like Czech Glass Beads Best of All?

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your grandma, we have found the perfect solution. Everyone loves Czech glass beads, especially grandmas. They love the beautiful simplicity of these beautiful glass beads. Czech beads make stylish jewelry, and they also can embellish any piece of clothing or fabric.

Pressed Czech Glass Beads are still made in small quantities by hand. We work with the finest vendors and have the most consistent, beautiful glass beads available. Due to the way the glass is made, there may be slight color variation from one bead batch to the next. These beads are a great and creative way to add a special touch to your projects or products! The sheer amount of shapes are enough to service all your needs. Mix and match different shape pressed beads to create something fabulous! Czech Pressed glass beads are available in so many different fun and casual shapes such as angel wings, cat faces, and shamrocks.

Grandmas love Czech beads because they are affordable. Glass beads can achieve the look of pearls or crystal beads but for a much lower price, which makes them affordable to all. If you purchase wholesale Czech glass beads, the savings are truly unbelievable. Not only do you save on shipping, you also get a wide variety of glass beads for less! Everyone loves a good deal, especially on craft beads.

Czech Glass BeadsGlass beads look great in a variety of projects, including jewelry and clothing. Transparent glass beads brilliantly enhance light for a luxurious look. The wide range of colors makes wholesale glass beads perfect for any project, for any person. Bright and bold glass beads can make a statement, while earth toned glass beads are great for everyday.

Creating dangly earrings with glass beads is one of the easiest way to show off these beads’ beauty. Stretchy glass bead bracelets are fashionable for kids and adults alike. Beaded necklaces can be made with a whole string of glass beads, or as a pendant necklace to feature a few large glass beads as a focal point. Glass bead necklaces make a great gift for your grandma.

If you prefer to use glass beads on a different project, try sewing with them! Sewing with glass beads is a great way to embellish your wardrobe or create beaded pillows, fringed lampshades, and other decorative crafts. Beading on fabric is easier than you might think, and is a great way to use loose glass beads. You can create a pattern as intricate or as simple as you like, but all you need is to learn a few simple skills.  You can sew the beads directly on to the garment, or make an applique to attach separately.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to Czech glass beads. Get creative and come up with a fun original project with these crystal beads. Try making a necklace or bracelet for your grandma – she’ll love the beauty of the beads and that it came from the heart!

Customizing Clothing with Czech Glass Beads

Czech glass beads are a beautiful creation. They have been around for thousands of years, and have functioned as currency, gifts, religious purposes, and, of course, as works of art. There are a wide variety of types of glass beads, as well as colors. Glass beads can achieve the look of pearls or crystal beads but for a much lower price, which makes them affordable to all. Glass beads can be used in many different type of projects, but there are certain ways that best highlight their beauty.

If you are looking for a project to make with Czech pressed glass beads, customizing clothes is a great choice! You can embroider any piece of fabric, whether it’s a shirt, jacket, dress, purse, or even home furnishings. Sewing with glass beads is a great way to embellish your wardrobe or create beaded pillows, fringed lampshades, and other decorative crafts.

Beading on fabric is easier than you might think, and is a great way to use loose glass beads. You can create a pattern as intricate or as simple as you like, but all you need is to learn a few simple skills. You can sew the beads directly on to the garment, or make an applique to attach separately. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to beadwork with glass beads.

customizingThe most important thing to consider when embroidering with glass beads is properly matching the needle, thread, and technique. If you do not do this, your piece may be ruined by tangles, broken needles, and frayed thread. Be sure to pay close attention when selecting your materials to guarantee this does not occur. If you’re embroidering something that will be machine washed, don’t use silk thread. And if you will need to iron or use heat to dry the garment, nylon thread could melt and is not advised.

Seed bead embroidery is a traditional Native American art. They create beautiful custom shawls, moccasins, headpieces, and more. Today, glass beads are used to customize any fabric! Bead embroidery is simply stitching beads onto fabric. Beads can be used to embellish fabric by incorporating them into any traditional or freeform embroidery stitch.

If you’re comfortable with a needle and thread, you can do glass bead embroidery! This technique offers so much design potential and design freedom. Stitch on leather, fabric, nonwoven base, clothing, Ultrasuede and leather. If you can pass a needle through it, you can add glass beads to it.

Bead embroidery can be one of the most expressive, most satisfying methods of beadwork you will do. It’s like painting with beads; forms create themselves, patterns flow and the beads know where they want to be.

You can use embroidery to customize any piece of clothing. Create many matching shirts for a sports team, family reunion, or special event! You can purchase patterns to create beaded embroidery of a favorite logo, design, or character. Experienced beaders or those looking for more creative liberty can do freehand embroidery to create any type of design! Stock up on wholesale glass beads so you’re prepared for any beading project, at any time. There’s no better way to learn than by practicing your embroidery today!

Tips on Buying, Using and Cleaning Glass Beads


If you are new to using glass beads, there are some things you should know before you begin! Glass beads are a great choice for jewelry making, crafting, and embellishing just about anything. Glass beads come in a wide range of colors & shapes, perfect for any project.

Glass Beads Buying Tips:

  • Purchase glass beads in large quantities to save money and to guarantee you always have a large stock of glass beads. Buying wholesale glass beads is a great way to do this.
  • Pay close attention to the colors and sizes of the beads you are buying, especially if you want them to match beads you already have in your collection.
  • Buy seasonal pieces at the end of the season when they are placed on clearance and save them until the following year when they come back into season.
  • Pay attention to sales and deals, you don’t want to miss the best price!

Glass Bead Usage Tips:

  • Invest in a bead organizer so your glass beads are easy to find when you need them. Separate your beads according to size, center hole size, color, and materials. This will make it easy to determine which beads to use. Organize your tools as well so you can begin beading quickly.
  • Invest in a good source of light like a desk lamp at your crafting work space.
  • If you pour the beads out onto a slick surface they can slide off. Try placing thin cotton material over the table so that your beads will stay in place. If you use a white cotton material your beads will be easier to see than if they were spread out on a colored cloth.
  • Design the beads on the table in the order you want them before you string them to the wire. This way you can see how your design looks and change it if necessary.

Tip for Cleaning Glass Beads

  • -Before you use your glass beads, it is important to clean them to remove any dust or debris that has gathered in the hole. You can also clean your beads after years of wear, if they have gotten dirty or just need some sprucing up.
  • There are many ways to clean glass beads. You can use vinegar, warm water, or water and lemon juice.
  • A great way to clean glass beads is with denture cleaning tablet. Place the beads in a large bowl or cup, fill with water, and then drop in the cleaning tablet (or as directed).  When you are finished soaking them, use a slotted spoon and lay the beads out on a clean dry towel to air dry.

Glass beads are fun material to work with and can create the most beautiful finished projects. Experiment with glass beads today by buying wholesale beads from Mode Beads.

6 Ways You Can Use Glass Beads for Crafting

glass-beads-craftsGlass beads are one of the greatest materials a crafter can purchase because there are near endless projects you can create! Stock up on wholesale glass beads so you are always prepared when inspiration strikes. Even if you are new to beading, there’s the perfect glass bead craft for you. Get started with these six ways you can use glass beads for crafting.

Embellished Wine Glasses – Turn a plain wine glass into a work of art with glass beads! Attach glass beads with glue on the base of the glass for a bit of glamour. You can also personalize wine glasses by gluing glass beads in the shape of an initial on the glass. Custom wine glasses are a great gift for any wine lover.

Beaded window curtain – Decorate your window with a fun beaded curtain made of different strands of glass beads. Personalize the curtain with your room decorations and use whichever colors you like! After you hang the curtain, it will create rainbows of reflected sunlight throughout the room.

Custom Flower Vase – Fresh flowers are always a great thing to have in the home, and a custom flower vase makes it even more special.  Covering a plain glass vase in glass beads is easy to do and looks great after just an afternoon of work.  Try using glass beads in the colors of your favorite flowers, or make a variety of custom vases for each season! Cover the whole vase in beads to hide the stems and display the best part – the gorgeous flowers.

Suncatcher – A glass bead suncatcher is a great craft the whole family can work on.  Find a round object to put the beads on – you can use baking tins, yogurt container lids, or other objects that can be placed in the oven. Place the glass beads in the mold in whatever design you prefer, then pour over with glue. Bake in the oven and once it’s cool, pop out of the mold. Your suncatcher is ready to hang in a window or on a porch!

Christmas Ornament – Glass beads look beautiful when turned into a Christmas ornament. Using wire, you can string glass beads in to a variety of fun and festive shapes, like snowmen, snowflakes, trees, and more. The options are limitless when it comes to making custom Christmas ornaments with glass beads.

Jewelry – The go-to craft for glass beads is always jewelry. Turn glass beads into beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more! Perfect to give to a loved one or to keep for yourself! Experiment with different colors and shapes for truly unique glass bead jewelry.

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, it’s time to get some glass beads and start crafting! View our wide selection of wholesale glass beads in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, perfect for any project.

Why We Love Beads (And You Should, Too!)

love-beads-aBeads and beading is one of the best hobbies out there. It’s therapeutic, can be done in a group, and has beautiful results. Beads can be used in jewelry making, affixing beads to clothes or accessories, or even to make a beaded piece of décor for your home. There are many reasons why we love beading – and why you should, too!

Beads and beading projects come in a variety of levels- from beginning projects that can be done with children, to beyond-expert. This means people of all ages and skills can practice beading together. It’s an excellent way to bond a group of people together while making jewelry and creating something beautiful.

Not only to the projects range in skill levels, they also range in style! With hundreds (yes, hundreds) of styles of beads out there, there’s something for everyone. You can create a hip and stylish jewelry project with metal or neon beads, or something more traditional with pearl beads. Find the perfect jewelry making project with your favorite beads.

Beads are always fashionable. Women and men have been wearing jewelry for hundreds of years, and this is not going out of style anytime soon. Jewelry making is a hobby that always has fashionable results, and you can keep up with the trends. Wander the aisles of your favorite store for inspiration for your next beading project.

The last reason we love beads is that they are beautiful. When making jewelry, there are so many bead options. Small and delicate seed beads can create exquisite jewelry or other beaded pieces. Agate beads make a statement on any necklace or bracelet, with the added health benefits. Crystal beads sparkle in the light and add glamour to everyday. Earthy wood beads are always beautiful, as are gemstone beads. One could spend hours browsing a bead shop or online store for the perfect beads. But the best part is, you don’t have to pick just one! The options are limitless when it comes to beads and beading, so begin today!

Gifting Homemade Jewelry

glass beadsMaking jewelry at home using whole sale jewelry supplies is a fun hobby but it can also save you money. Once you have practiced your craft you can make pieces to give friends. Considering how much jewelry costs retail, you will be glad you made it at home. Making jewelry at home also allows you to personalize it for the recipients using their favorite colors and glass beads.
You don’t need to be a master craftsperson to be able to make impressive jewelry. All you need to make a necklace are beads and wire. Just chose a pattern and get to beading, you will have something fashionable in no time. From there you can work your way up to more complex pieces like earrings or tiaras.
If you don’t think you have the creative spark or time to make jewelry you can always gift someone jewelry making supplies. It is certainly more affordable and personal than buying pre-made jewelry items. Anyone you know with a love of fashion and an independent streak will appreciate the gesture. Then maybe they will make you something special for your next birthday!
If you need some inspiration to get started look online. Many websites are devoted to home jewelry craft.