These two Things are sure to make Your Elderly Parents Smile

eldery-smileAs any of us, elderly people want to connect to others, they want to feel included and appreciated. It’s a fact that we all lead busy lives and oftentimes forget how valuable time with aging parents is. But I’m sure you’ve thought what you can do to put a smile on their face and cheer them up. 

Aging parents oftentimes don’t need much or they want very little. So, if you consider giving them gifts, this can be challenging. But, here are two things you can do that will surely to make your elderly parents happy:

1. Visit them frequently! We often fail to realize how important visits are. Sometimes we think that a call will be enough to check on your parents, but time is actually the best gift you can give to your parents. When visiting, ask them to tell you about happy memories with the family, about how things were in the past and so on.

If distance and time are a problem, consider video calls in order to create a visible event. Today’s technology enables us to feel like we are with our loved ones even when we are far away.

2. Make them a special gift. For instance, a great way to make your parents feel they always have you by their side is to make them a unique beaded chain for their eyeglasses. It’s simple, but personal and useful.

Even if you’re not an expert in beading crafts, it’s really easy to make bead chain necklace for eyeglasses. First, choose the color and shape of beads you know your parent will love. With beads, you have a variety to choose from. You then need nylon cord or beading wire, two crimp bead, two eyeglass holders, scissors and flat nose pliers. Follow these quick steps to create a necklace bead chain that will be perfect for your parent’s eyeglasses:

– Cut the cord or beading wire to a comfortable length
– Add the eyeglass holder and the crimp bead: thread one end of the cord or wire through one of the crimp beads and the eyeglass holders. Then thread it back so it looks like a loop. Pull it so the holders and the crimp bead are adjoining. Use the pliers to close the bead.
– String on the beads: while stringing, leave some room for the second crimp bead and eyeglass holder.
– Add the other eyeglass holder and the bead: Follow the previous steps to secure to second crimp bead and eyeglass holder.

It’s simple as that! If you want the bead chain necklace to be that much more special, buy a gift box to put it in and write a small note for your parent to read. Once you have surprised them with this one-of-a-kind gift, you can help them slip the beaded chain onto their glasses.

You really don’t need much to put a smile on your parents’ faces. Spending time with them is the greatest gift, and taking the time to make them a small gift such as bead chain necklace for eyeglasses is the perfect way to show them how much you love them.

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