Traveling in Your Vehicle CAN Be Comfortable!

drivingHave you ever been in the middle of a long commute, wishing your car was more comfortable and fashionable? You spend a lot of time in your car – you want it to match your personality! While you an buy some of these projects at a store, they often won’t have the colors and designs that fit you. There are many DIY projects that can be done in an afternoon to make the interior of your car more interesting and more functional. Try one or all of these crafts to decorate your vehicle!

Bedazzled Car Interior
Jazz up your radio and center console with some rhinestones! Using glue and Swarovski rhinestones in your favorite colors you can create any design you please. Rhinestones can be added to anywhere inside the car, including the rearview mirror, shift, and vanity mirror. Rhinestones add a little sparkle and personality to your car. And if one falls off, just glue another back on!

Steering Wheel Cover
For a more comfortable drive create a DIY cushioned steering wheel cover! These can be made of fabric, yarn, or just covered in fashion duct tape. If you’re not very confident in your crafting skills, you can purchase a premade steering wheel cover and customize it. These covers can also keep the wheel cool when under the direct sunlight. A custom steering wheel cover sets your car about and gives you a comfortable grip on long drives.

Back of Seat Organizer
Cars never seem to have enough storage. For families with kids, toys and snacks can end up all over the back seat. Make some quick back of seat organizers to keep everything in order. All you need is fabric in your favorite color or pattern and a sewing machine. You can choose fabric to match your car’s interior, or your kids’ favorite patterns or characters! There are many tutorials online to learn how to make a stylish and functional back seat organizer to keep your car clean and tidy.

Hanging Bead Chain
Place a favorite pendant or rosary on your rearview mirror! Make a beautiful linked bead chain to reflect the light and create a beautiful swinging effect while you drive. These beaded chains are quite simple to make once you purchase wire and glass beads. A necklace bead chain is an elegant way to personalize your car and make your ride more pleasant.

With these projects, it’s easy to make your car feel more comfortable – and like you!

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