What Actually Happens When You Put Plastic in a Microwave

Have you ever accidentally put plastic beads in a microwave? It can be a very messy accident. Most plastic beads, like pony beads, do not like high heat. If one of these beads ends up in the microwave for too long, not only will you have ruined beads, but also a ruined microwave.

Plastic easily melts in high heat, especially the microwave. After just a few minutes, your plastic beads will turn to a flat puddle of plastic. The heat melts the beads, and then they all fuse together. Before you get sad, there are actually many crafts you can make by melting beads! You can create your own sun catcher or hanging mobile with just an oven, some plastic beads, and a pie tin or muffin tin. Here’s how you can do it.microwaveonfire

First, gather your beads and pans. You can also use some string and wire. The easiest way to start is to fill the bottom of each muffin tin with a variety of plastic pony beads. They can be in a design, like a star, a pattern, or just a random mix of colors. Either way, it will turn out beautiful. If you want to go a little bigger, you can also cover the bottom of a cake or pie tin. This can also be done with a set design, or just freestyle colors. Try stringing the beads on thread or wire and laying it in the pie tin for some artistic experimentation.

You could spend a whole afternoon trying out different designs and patterns for your beads. Once you’ve settled on a design, turn on your gas grill or your oven to high, or 400 degrees. Put the pan with the beads in the grill or oven, for 5 minutes in the grill or 20 minutes in the oven. During this time, the plastic beads will begin to melt and fuse together.

Once the time is up, take the pans out and wait for it to cool. You will see how the beads have melted into a flat pancake. Once your beaded creation has cooled, pop it out of the tin and it’s ready! Look at the beautiful design you have created, and try holding it up to the light to see the sun come through the colorful beads. You can do all kinds of things with these creations. Drill a hole in them, thread some ribbon through them, and hang on a porch for a beautiful suncatcher you can enjoy all year long. With the smaller muffin tin beads, you can drill a small hole in each, and hang them as a mobile for a child or baby.

While beads will melt in the microwave, you can actually create a thing of beauty with them! Try experimenting with this fun and easy craft.

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